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Syracuse University College of Law

published September 27, 2004

Carina Zaragoza
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Founded in 1895, Syracuse University College of Law appeals to more than just New Yorkers. Less than half of the enrolled students are from the state of New York. Even students from California and Florida say goodbye to the sunshine and brave the cold but beautiful Syracuse winters. International students flock to the law school. Students from six different countries are represented. Students of all ages are among the population. With a mix like this, students are sure to gain more than just a legal education while they enjoy memorable experiences.

Getting into Syracuse University College of Law is no walk in Central Park. The average G.P.A. for the class of 2007 is about 3.6, which is on par with their counterparts in Los Angeles and Chicago. Once you're in, you'll rub elbows with the best and brightest students from 150 different colleges and universities. Upon graduation, there is an excellent chance of finding a job. More than 90% of those who graduated in 2003 found permanent full-time employment. The average starting salary was about $70,000, not bad for a first job. But there is much work to do before you start earning the big bucks.

Syracuse University as a whole emphasizes research and interdisciplinary study. Following this model, the College of Law offers joint-degree programs. Students who desire a greater degree of specialization might opt for a joint degree. The College will assist students in tailoring a program that will fit their career objectives. Business and industry is intimately related to law. In response, the College of Law and the School of Management have created the J.D./Master of Business Administration and the J.D./Master of Science in Accounting joint-degree programs. Students interested in both corporate or tax law and finance or marketing will find that these joint degrees will fit their needs. Students might also want to take advantage of the oldest Master of Public Administration Program in the country. Since the establishment of this program in 1924, faculty and students have greatly influenced the growth and development of public administration in the U.S. The program partners law and public administration to create and maintain an effective and successful government. The program only takes three years to complete, an aspect that will appeal to students eager to start their careers. These joint degrees are just a few of the many the College of Law offers. Syracuse University College of Law answers the need for law to enter other arenas of society. Something else to keep in mind - Syracuse University College of Law is a pioneer in trial advocacy programs. Its numerous awards in this area include the Emil Gumpert Award for the best law school advocacy program in the United States and the New York State Bar Association's coveted Tiffany Cup. Syracuse University College of Law offers standout programs, an essential element of an excellent legal education.

Syracuse University College of Law H. Douglas Barclay Library strives to offer the best in information access and resource retrieval. The Library offers numerous databases and collections, including federal and state research guides, an introduction to international law, and a full-text legal database. If students feel the need for more help with their classes, CALI (Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) is available. CALI is a collection of almost 400 interactive exercises to supplement traditional legal instruction. A newly implemented feature in the Library allows students and faculty to access the collection from computers outside the College of Law. Using passwords assigned by the College of Law, students can conduct their research from the comfort of their homes. Calling its collection up to date would hardly do Syracuse University College of Law H. Douglas Barclay Library justice. The Library acquires new books, journals, and collections on a monthly basis. Residents throughout Onondaga County have access to the library's legal resources. The H. Douglas Barclay Library website dedicates a page with general information and guidance regarding common legal issues. For instance, for those who might not be able to afford an attorney, the H. Douglas Barclay Library website has links to find low and no cost legal assistance. In this way, Syracuse University College of Law practices the law it preaches by offering legal resources to the surrounding community.

Syracuse University College of Law offers students more than a legal education. With The Orange men's basketball team ranked 12th in the nation by Slam Magazine students should expect some exciting games. Weary from the long hours inside a library? Canada is only a couple of hours away and offers great outdoor adventures. Although you might not be a hop, skip, and jump away from exciting New York City, you can go for a four-hour drive through upstate New York on the Thruway. The drive will give you ample time to try to remember what was said in class while you were dozing off.

Offering innovative programs that can be tailored to fit students' needs, Syracuse University College of Law builds on each student's particular strengths and interests and fully prepares students for practicing law or working in any other capacity in the legal industry.

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