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Thelen Reid's London calling

U.S. law firm Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner LLP will be opening a four-lawyer London office by the year's end. This office is the first step the new firm has taken, in entering the European market, and is their ninth office globally. The firm intends to offer its services to existing investment banking clients through the London office, and to support immediate client needs in the area of real estate finance. The firm's new office will initially have two partners and two mid-level associates. These two will be relocating from the U.S. office to look after the Business and Finance Department in the new London office.

Jeffrey Steiner, who partners the firm's real estate finance practice, said that the new office marks the growth of the real estate finance practice of the firm. Steiner represents Wall Street investment banks and institutional lenders in complex finance transactions, and is an expert in investment banking and real estate practice. Pressure from the growing number of clients needing representation in this practice area motivated the firm open an office in the European market.

Hill Wallack enters gaming practice
Princeton-based 28-year old law firm Hill Wallack LLP will merge with Atlantic City-based Sandson & DeLucry. The merger will lay the groundwork for the firm to enter the gaming practice area. The new firm's combined strength will be roughly 65 attorneys.

The law firm, which will set up shop in southern New Jersey, will organize a four-member team to look into the legal needs of the gaming industry and casinos. Richard DeLucry and Timothy Lowry from Sandson & DeLucry will join the new firm in Atlantic City. Hill Wallack deals in casino, regulatory, real estate, and litigation practice. The team of specialists will include two veteran attorneys who have prior experience in gaming regulations; former Deputy Solicitor for Atlantic City, Joseph Dougherty, and Paul Josephson, ex-director of the Division of Law in the Attorney General's Office. With a track record of more than 15 years in casino regulatory issues, the firm has the structure in place to compete for business in gaming suits. Josephson, partner-in-charge of the Regulatory & Government Affairs Practice Group of the firm will head the Gaming Law Practice Group and the Atlantic City office.

The firm's lawyers have handled a wide array of matters that confront gaming interests, from licensing and enforcement issues to personal injury and workers compensation litigation. With their new gaming practice, the firm will be involved in emerging legal needs in real estate, land use, community association, and trial and litigation practices.

LLPelling Company, Incorporated


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