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Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman faces indictment

Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman LLP, a respected law firm with offices in New York City, Boca Raton, Wilmington, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles is facing charges for their alleged involvement in a scheme to pay kickbacks to clients. A six-year federal investigation could result in an indictment for the firm. Though the indictment would not prevent the firm from practicing law, it could potentially affect business. Efforts are being made to avert the indictment, but no consensus has been reached so far, as both sides are at odds over a deferred prosecution agreement.

Founded in 1965, the firm has more than 120 lawyers nationwide, practicing commercial litigation involving securities, corporate fiduciary, consumer, insurance, healthcare, antitrust, mass tort and human rights.

DLA Piper: Top of the heap
Philip F. Zeidman, a senior partner with DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP, has been named global Franchise Lawyer of the Year at the Who's Who Legal Awards. DLA Piper also had the honor of being named Franchise Law Firm of the Year.

Zeidman, who chairs the Franchise and Distribution practice in Washington, DC, devotes his practice to domestic franchising law and the rapidly growing field of international distribution, licensing and franchising law. This is the second year in a row he has received the award for the year's best franchise attorney by Who's Who.

DLA Piper's Franchise and Distribution practice includes clients in more than 100 countries, spanning a wide range of industries, including high-tech and life sciences to manufacturing, franchising, distribution and retail. Earlier this year, 15 DLA Piper franchise lawyers were named top "go-to" lawyers by Franchise Times.

New public interest project opens its doors
The new Class Action Preservation Project is being launched by Trial Lawyers for Public Justice. Aimed at fighting the growing attempts of corporations to deprive consumers and employees of their legal rights, the project hopes to protect the rights of Americans.

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice is a national public interest law firm dedicated to using trial lawyers' skills and resources to create a more just society. TLPJ fights for justice through precedent-setting and socially significant individual and class action litigation designed to enhance consumer and victims' rights, environmental protection and safety, civil rights and civil liberties, workers' rights, America's civil justice system and the protection of the poor and powerless.

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