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The business of law school

Many law schools have implemented new professional strategies in the ten years since the American Bar Association first allowed for-profit law schools. Though still small in numbers, their approach sets for-profit law schools apart. They are constantly looking for ways to recruit the best talent and secure the best placements for their graduates. Not-for-profit institutions, including about 185 ABA-accredited institutions across the U.S., are constrained to follow suit to keep pace. The question being wrestled with is how to increase revenues without increasing tuition fees in order to satisfy demands for smaller classes and competitive facilities.

The InfiLaw System, managed by Rick Inatome, is one such institution. The institution has established itself as a leader in making legal education more responsive to the realities of new career dynamics. With a mission to establish student-centered, ABA accredited law schools, it includes Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, FL, Phoenix International School of Law in Phoenix, AZ, and its newest school, Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, NC, scheduled to open in 2006.

Duke Law School Dean Resigns
Katharine T. Bartlett, Dean of Duke University School of Law, is stepping down, effective June 2007. After holding the position since 2000, she plans to return full time to teaching. Bartlett has contributed to the overall growth of the law school by recruiting faculty of the highest quality and attracting stronger outstanding students.

She received the Duke University Scholar/Teacher Award, 1994 and was named the A. Kenneth Pye Professor of Law in 1999. With her resignation, the search for a new dean has caught pace.

Jones Day adds Australian Law to Sydney practice
The global law firm Jones Day has announced the addition of an Australian Law practice to its office in Sydney. With an established presence in Sydney providing international transactional and securities law counseling to Australian clients, the firm has been involved in some of Australia's largest global listings, including Foster's $1 billion Rule 144A / Regulation S Notes Offering and the Promina Group's $1.2 billion IPO. The firm hopes the new Australian Law practice will enable it to better serve its native Australian clients.

Chris Ahern has joined the firm as partner from Corrs Chambers Westgarth to lead this endeavor. At Corrs, Ahern was head of its Communications Group, focusing on corporate work in the technology and telecommunication sectors.

Here's what we like to call a little sugar with your salt. A serious plea for help is met first with humorous replies but eventually with some hardcore legal career advice. We're bringing the community together at Judged. We are de best.
A little help over here

Bianchinut: When a person is getting ready to graduate, it can be pretty exciting. Unfortunately, when a person is getting ready to graduate and has no job lined up for the fall, it can be down right nerve-racking.

This is basically a spin-off of the topic concerning the impact of Katrina on the legal landscape of Louisiana.

One of the unfortunate impacts that has surfaced as a result of the uncertainty surrounding the future of many small to medium sized firms is that many have suspended hiring practices. The only firms that are hiring are in the Greater New Orleans area. Unfortunately, their offered salaries are not sufficient to allow a person to afford adequate housing in the area (even if you have NO other bills). Does anyone know of any small to medium sized firms in the Baton Rouge/Lafayette area that are hiring? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

dubs00: Try signing up superdome victims for PI suits... that's what I'd do.

Bianchinut: I like your technique, but I am not quite ready start a solo practice. I have been actively seeking out the firms handling the toxic tort issues that arose from the oil spill among other causes.

One would think that with all the mold abatement being undertaken in New Orleans that there has to be some asbestos exposure. Now we only have to wait about ten years for the damages to present themselves (provided no crappy legislation is enacted in that time).

rbrown: if you are looking forward to asbestos litigation, you are one really strange, weird, twisted, and sick, sick...sick puppy. :)

Bianchinut: I'm so glad you noticed :)

JD_Jr: i might recommend looking for contract work on a big case. there are so many claims being filed over the hurricane stuff, that lots of the smaller firms that handle insurance stuff are taking on lots of attorneys exclusively for special projects.

Florida Coastal School of Law


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