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More associate salary increases in Texas

Texas firm Locke Liddell & Sapp has raised first-year associate salaries to $140,000 retroactive to March 1. The new salary hike will apply to all its five offices, which include Houston, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans and Washington, DC.

Second-years will earn $145,000. Third to eighth-year associate salaries will range from $150,000 to $190,000 per year. This move follows closely the pay structure implemented by Baker Botts for its Texas offices.

While Baker Botts has already disclosed its bonus structure, which will depend on seniority and range from $10,000 to $50,000, Locke Liddell is still evaluating its bonus arrangements.

Shearman & Sterling Jessup Cup under way
The Shearman & Sterling Jessup Cup, one of the largest and most prestigious moot court competitions, is expecting nearly 100 teams from 80 countries this year. For the past four years, Shearman & Sterling has been the exclusive sponsor of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Students from all over the world compete each year in regional competitions for the distinction of advancing to the International Rounds in Washington, DC. Highlights of this year's cases include bilateral investment treaties, state responsibility for the activities of public-private joint ventures and the human rights of indigenous peoples.

The International Rounds will be administered by the International Law Students Association with more than 200 matches being argued before leading scholars and practitioners.

Smaller firms seek to affiliate with international firms
A growing number of small and mid-sized firms are seeking to establish relationships with large international practices. The latest example is the 30+ lawyer Florida firm of Zumpano, Patricios & Winker.

Zumpano Patricios has boosted its reputation by affiliating with firms in Madrid, Panama City and Milan. The firm has adopted an "innovative new globalism" model, which has led the firm to forge relationships with foreign rather than domestic practices.

This model allows for increased global commerce and also prevents the firm from competing with other firms in relevant markets.

Lawyer Joke of the day
It was a hot summer day, and the old courthouse was just as hot. The air was thick and humid, and the jury was having a hard time staying focused. One of the jurors succumbed to the heat, falling asleep just as the victim was being questioned by the prosecutor.

"The defendant is accused of making obscene phone calls to your home. Would you please tell the jury precisely what the defendant said when he called you," asked the prosecutor.

"I can't do that," the victim replied. "It was so crude and disgusting. I can't use language like that."

"Would it help to just write it down?" asked the prosecutor.

The victim wrote out every detail of what the obscene caller had said and passed the note to the judge. The judge read the note. It was then passed to the prosecutor, the defense attorney and finally to the jury.

The sleeping juror was seated at the back corner of the jury box and was the last to receive the note. He was awoken with a nudge from an attractive young juror seated next to him, and she passed him the note. He read it, gazed in awe at the woman, and read it again. He turned to her, smiling broadly, and winked. He then put the note into his pocket.

The judge demanded, "Please pass that note to the bailiff."

"But your honor," the juror protested, "It's a private matter."

Locke, Liddell & Sapp, L.L.P.


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