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Law Firm Profit Sharing Formulas and Compensation Models

Navigating Law Firm Profit Sharing: Strategies and Alternatives:

Managing Employee Benefits and Leave: Best Practices for Employers

Managing employee benefits and leave can be a complex process for employers. Providing competitive benefits and leave policies is an important part of attracting and retaining top talent, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming to administer. In this article, we will discuss best practices for managing employee benefits and leave to ensure that your organization is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations and that your employees feel valued and supported.

The Effects of Favoritism in a Law Firm

Many people do not admit to favoritism in their personal and professional lives, whether this is a favorite friend or colleague they work with. But it is something that does exist whether we want to talk about it or not. Instead of denying it, it is easier to acknowledge that some people will get along better with others due to having similar traits, beliefs, and personalities. It is almost impossible not to have a favorite person in a group.

Employee Productivity and Collaboration in Law Firms

Every business knows that productive employees are critical to success. In law firms, productivity and the ability to effectively collaborate are essential components that directly affect the bottom line and the overall morale of the entire law firm. If you are seeking ways to boost productivity and foster better collaboration, these tools and techniques are showing great promise.

The Definitive Guide to Law Office Employee Motivation

Employee motivation matters just as much in law firms as it does in any other industry. In fact, we happen to think it’s more important. It’s imperative that law firms attract and retain talented staff who are engaged in fulfilling the values of the office. Retention is important for two distinct reasons. First, there is the expense of hiring and training new staff, even if they’re experienced. To keep this cost to a minimum and to break even with it, retention of staff is crucial. Second, many law firms rely on the creation and nurturing of long-term relationships with their clients. That is much easier done when a law firm doesn’t experience massive or frequent turnover.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sexual Harassment in Law Firms: What Law Firms Can Do to Address the Problem

  • From the entertainment industry to politics, sexual harassment has increasingly become taboo.
  • Job loss to public shaming has all but silenced many women and men who are victims of workplace sexual harassment.
  • This is especially true within law firms.
  • But now women and men are speaking out, putting production companies, politicians, and yes, law firms on notice.

Strong and Sustainable Leadership Practices for Law Firms

Summary: Leadership is about being communicative and transparent.

Work Attitudes and Attitudes at Work

Summary: These six articles outline some of the work-related adversities an employee or job seeker can face.

Leadership, Mentorship and Recruitment - How They Fit Together

Summary: Find out how leadership, mentorship, and recruitment fit together in these articles.

6 Steps You Should Take to Help Millennials Reach Their Full Potential in Law Firms

Summary: Law firms are no different than any other organization when it comes to having a hard time relating to millennials but needing to find a way to make it work.

Discrimination in the Workplace Today

Summary: What kinds of discrimination are still present in today’s workplace? Find out six cases of discrimination still happening today.

7 Dangerous Mistakes Law Firm Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them

Summary: The failure of a law firm begins with the standards the leadership sets and accepts. Learn what to look for so it can be corrected before it is too late.

Ask LawCrossing

Summary: Some write for advice, some need to vent, and some don’t like me very much.

Playing the Partner's Role

Summary: It is a well-founded legal principle that the role of law firm associates is one of drudgery, tedium, grind, toil, and humiliation. The partner's role, on the other hand, is more as an entertainer and public face of the firm.

Law School Metamorphosis

Summary: Upon learning how much money The Firm pays its attorneys, however, most quickly come to realize that their own personal world will be a whole lot better if they go into private practice.

Law Firm Gift Giving

Summary: In fact, law schools would serve their students well by offering a class in law firm gift giving and it should be the topic of a continuing legal education course.

Rules Of Thumb for Your Law Firm Job Interview

Summary: While much has been said about the interviewing process, the focus is almost always on the job seeker and on what he or she should expect.

What the Fashionable Lawyer Will Be Wearing

Summary: One of the things a lawyer needs to do in order to succeed in the profession is to look like every other lawyer.

Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law and Babysitter

Summary: I know it may seem peculiar that I’ve ventured outside of real life and chosen a cartoon character as my favorite lawyer. It’s not that I have anything against lawyers. Anyone who reads this column knows that’s not the case.

The Religion of Law

Summary: Others see it more as a sort of cult or sect. Many lawyers turn to religion in time of need—need of clients, that is.

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