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Law School Metamorphosis

Law School Metamorphosis Summary: Upon learning how much money The Firm pays its attorneys, however, most quickly come to realize that their own personal world will be a whole lot better if they go into private practice. + read more

Law Firm Gift Giving

Law Firm Gift Giving Summary: In fact, law schools would serve their students well by offering a class in law firm gift giving and it should be the topic of a continuing legal education course. + read more

Rules Of Thumb for Your Law Firm Job Interview

Rules Of Thumb for Your Law Firm Job Interview Summary: While much has been said about the interviewing process, the focus is almost always on the job seeker and on what he or she should expect. + read more

What the Fashionable Lawyer Will Be Wearing

What the Fashionable Lawyer Will Be Wearing Summary: One of the things a lawyer needs to do in order to succeed in the profession is to look like every other lawyer. + read more

Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law and Babysitter

Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law and Babysitter Summary: I know it may seem peculiar that I’ve ventured outside of real life and chosen a cartoon character as my favorite lawyer. It’s not that I have anything against lawyers. Anyone who reads this column knows that’s not the case. + read more

The Religion of Law

The Religion of Law Summary: Others see it more as a sort of cult or sect. Many lawyers turn to religion in time of need—need of clients, that is. + read more

Let The Lawyer Games Begin

Let The Lawyer Games Begin United Parcel Service once ran a television commercial showcasing a number of its employees contending for medals at the Olympics. Don’t expect The Firm to do the same. Most lawyers would not have much of a chance of winning any medals in the Olympics. + read more

Phone Etiquette for Lawyers

Phone Etiquette for Lawyers Summary: Once lawyers achieve a certain prominence (either in the legal community or in their own minds), they can use the telephone to emphasize this point. + read more

Interior Decorating for Lawyers

Interior Decorating for Lawyers Summary: Because they don't spend much time at home, a lawyer's office is a lawyer's castle—or cottage, as the case may be + read more

On Law and Politics

On Law and Politics Summary: The law is, by far, the most common profession among state legislators and members of Congress. + read more

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