published August 10, 2017

By David Dorion

The New Age of Worker Productivity

Learn how to increase productivity in a busy office.

As the workplace changes, so does the productivity of workers. The problem is many businesses suffer inefficiencies that cause productivity to slip, or in some cases, completely seize. These six articles outline how business and law firm managers can monitor their employees’ productivity, as well as methods that can be put in practice to increase their productivity.
What Is Worker Productivity?

Worker productivity used to be measured by dividing a company’s profits by the number of employees that company has. However, that type of measurement doesn’t consider varying skill levels between employees as well as how long they’ve worked for a company. In today’s workplace, objective measurements such as the number of sales calls or completed jobs must be used alongside subjective measurements which include a worker’s personality and how that person performs in a departmental or team environment.

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How to Monitor Your Workers’ Productivity

As the demand for productivity rises in today’s companies, managers need new and varied ways to monitor their workers’ productivity. Employee monitoring roots out the poor performers and recognizes the good performers. Monitoring your employees can also help you identify where the work process can be streamlined. This article offers several processes, including software, you can use to monitor how productive your employees are.

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Boost Productivity with Fidget Spinners and These 4 Other Ideas

We all know about the typical processes used to gauge and hopefully improve employee productivity, such as having regularly scheduled one-on-one team and individual meetings. However, there are other methods – some of them quite quirky – that can help boost productivity, including giving employees fidget spinners.

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Millennials and the Workplace: Flexible Productivity

Millennials are the workforce of choice these days. They are desired by companies for their youth, innovative thinking and tech abilities. But Millennials want something in return from these companies. For one, they want workplace flexibility and demand more technology, both of which are items this workforce is willing to quit over should they not receive them.

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Unlocking Productivity in Your Law Office

No matter how one quantifies productivity in law offices – whether through face-to-face meetings or software that can monitor what lawyers are doing online – nothing measures productivity better than billable hours. If your law firm is not as productive as you believe it can be, look into this article for eight “keys” that can mitigate waste and lessen mundane, repeatable tasks to ensure your firm has more billable hours.

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Efficiency Killers in Your Law Firm

A lack of efficiency can literally destroy a law firm. As a law firm partner, you need to identify inefficient methods that can slow down your practice, causing you to lose valuable billing hours. Look to this article to help you identify old habits and processes which can be replaced with innovative suggestions to help make your law firm more efficient and productive.

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