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Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A.
Start quote We found some good resumes on LawCrossing and are in the process of contacting applicants. Thank you for reaching out. End quote

  • Linkhorst & Hockin, P.A.
Start quote LawCrossing has provided our firm with good submissions that led to direct hires. It is nice to have a resource specifically for the legal community. Thank you LawCrossing! End quote

  • Keogh Cox
Start quote The customer service at LawCrossing was fantastic! Megan spent much time helping me set up the account, contacted me for follow up and was immediately responsive to any questions I had. I really appreciate all her assistance and support. End quote

  • Herman Law Group
Start quote Myself and my colleagues' experience with LawCrossing has been very positive in our hiring process. It has an easy navigation layout on its site, and, I like the fact that once I post an opening, it instantly gets me going on my sourcing by matching possible candidates. I also really liked having access to your resume pool and the ease of the search engine to go through it. I know that in the future, we will again be using your services. Nice responsive CSR's too. End quote

Start quote I have to admit that it was way quick and painless to cancel my account once we had filled the position with LawCrossing. Your customer service is great, I wasn’t expecting that. End quote

  • California Western School of Law
Start quote We were able to fill the job in less than two weeks. The other job board we were using was horrible. Because it was a high salary listed on the job, there were several applications but none of them were qualified. We had less applications from LawCrossing but they were all qualified and I didn’t waste my time by sifting through several unqualified resumes. We look forward to working with you in the future. End quote

  • Law Office of Daniel J. Donahue
Start quote I got a good response posting my remote paralegal job on LawCrossing. I was impressed with your service and that I could actually talk to a human being. You guys worked hard for me. I would definitely use you again and I will definitely, DEFINITELY refer your service to others. End quote

  • Steven C. Geeting, P.C.
  • Mission Viejo, CA
Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLP
Start quote I was referred to LawCrossing through an attorney that had used the service and love it! We were able to hire a great candidate from LawCrossing. We will definitely use LawCrossing again for our hiring needs! End quote

  • Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLP
Start quote Thank you for your assistance Christy. I did end up hiring someone from the posting on LawCrossing, so I’d say it worked very well. End quote

  • High Noon Entertainment
Start quote Thank you for letting us use LawCrossing for posting our jobs. It was an easy site to initiate postings on and I appreciated the help I received when I called customer service. End quote

  • Rendall Kikes PLLC
  • Dallas, TX
Start quote LawCrossing is really great if you’re looking to hire. There are a lot of excellent candidates we have found. I really loved the sort by date uploaded and the search filters in the resume database. End quote

  • Newsura
Start quote We hired someone, and yes, It was someone who had answered the LawCrossing ad. We ended up with a very good candidate. Thank you LawCrossing. End quote

  • San Francisco, CA
Start quote When I used LawCrossing for employers, I thought it was so much better than some of your competitors. The candidates I received were more impressive and a step above candidates from other sites. I will definitely use LawCrossing again to post my jobs. End quote

  • Kelley Law Firm
Start quote The best candidates we receive always come from LawCrossing. We just posted a new position for a Litigation Attorney 1 week ago and have been able to find 2 great candidates for the position. End quote

  • Yukevich l Cavanaugh
  • USA
Start quote I want to tell you that my experience with Law Crossing worked out great. I received a LOT of resumes. Many were from qualified candidates. I have hired a person I found on Law Crossing for the position and she seems very well qualified. End quote

  • Kolb & Associates
  • Washington, DC
Start quote LawCrossing has been very helpful in directing good candidates to our office. We have now filled the two open positions with applicants directed from your company. Next time we have a vacancy we will certainly contact you again. End quote

  • Johnson Law Offices, APC
  • Redding, California
Start quote Thanks for the opportunity to post our job postings for attorneys on your website. was very helpful in sending us resumes of applicants whose background matched our requirements. We plan to use in the future. End quote

Department of the Interior - Bureau of Reclamation Idaho
Start quote I recall posting a job on your site with ease. Posting the vacancy announcement went smoothly. End quote

  • Department of the Interior - Bureau of Reclamation Idaho
Family & Children's Services of the Waterloo Region
Start quote Using your services to post for a Legal Counsel position was a positive experience. We did find the right candidate for this position. End quote

  • Family & Children's Services of the Waterloo Region
  • Kitchener, Ontario
E M Messick Consulting, Inc.
Start quote Our firm has posted several jobs with LawCrossing. We are always more than satisfied with the stellar candidates we receive and will continue to post jobs on the site. End quote

  • E M Messick Consulting, Inc.
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
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