published August 5, 2017

By David Dorion

Work Attitudes and Attitudes at Work

How are your employee’s attitudes at work? Learn more about work attitudes and work environments in these articles.
Today’s work environment can be stressful. Workers are expected to come up to speed in a short period of time, simultaneously work on and complete multiple projects, and do so in less time. But there are also other factors that can stress out today’s worker, such as problematic supervisors or an ineffective work environment. These issues can alter a person’s work attitude, or worse, make a person quit their job entirely.
Hidden Dangers within Law Firms

Every job has drawbacks. In the legal profession, many of those drawbacks are tangible mistakes such as conflicts of interest, missed deadlines or incompetency. While these dangers are quite apparent, what aren’t apparent are the hidden dangers within a law firm, which can span from sloppy leadership to greed and a lack of accountability.

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5 Bad Clients You Should Avoid Representing

As if practicing law isn’t demanding enough, the last thing an attorney needs is a bad client. Bad clients can potentially be the most stressful aspect of a person’s law profession. Listed in this article are five of the more common types of bad clients which can make work miserable for an attorney. Advise the attorneys at your firm to avoid representing these types of clients.

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A Majority of Job Seekers Are Irritated by Complex Job Applications

Everyone needs a job, but what everyone does not need is a complicated job application process. In fact, 82% of job seekers are irritated with the process, particularly with how increasingly automated the application process has become. Job seekers would much rather have personal interactions while applying for employment.

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Millennials More Likely to Swap Industries than Other Generations

Millennials, as a whole, are a very mobile and adaptable generation. Of course their fluidity does not stop in the working world where Millennials are 50% more likely to uproot and move for a job and 16% more likely to look for work in new industries than their non-millennial coworkers.

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Kiss My Grit: Why Grit Should Be a Consideration When Hiring

The corporate world can be tough and demanding. Because of this recruiters aren’t looking only for the most intelligent or talented candidate for a corporate job. Recruiters are also looking for tough candidates who have grit, and can withstand the rigors of the corporate world.

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Dealing with Acidic Attitudes: Help for Your Managers

Employees with negative attitudes can be toxic to entire departments, if not whole businesses. Managers who have employees with acidic attitudes need to be analyzed with 4 key questions:  1) What is the impact of the employee’s behavior? 2) How does the employee’s action differ from the norm? 3) What’s the effect of this person’s behavior? 4) If the person’s behavior were more positive, would that positivity help morale and productivity?

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