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The 2017 Most Influential Recruiters Ranking List Q & A Section

What kind of legal recruitment firms are found on the list?
The 2017 Most Influential Legal Recruiters List features 250 legal employment agencies. These are the best legal recruitment agencies in terms of influence in America. Unlike the previously offered directory of legal recruiters or the database of legal recruiters provided by other sources, we provide a ranking of the most influential legal staffing agencies. Although we include legal staffing agencies that place attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants, we only rank the legal placing agencies that focus solely on the law in terms of the legal recruitment firm's website.
Which legal recruitment agencies are the most influential?

Influence extends beyond a legal staffing agency to the legal recruiters ability to reach candidates. The most influential legal recruiters are the legal placement services that candidates are most likely to encounter. Additionally, when an employer wants to hire an attorney, generally, an employer seeks out the best legal recruiters with the influence to reach the candidates. The influence ranking is determined by a number of factors, which are discussed in detail in a separate article.

How did LawCrossing create the legal employment agency ranking list?

After analyzing 250 legal recruitment agencies across the United States, LawCrossing put together the 2017 Most Influential Legal Recruiter List in America based on a series of criteria. We ranked each legal placement firm's level of influence by utilizing more than 20 weighted factors. After months of research, we finalized the factors. The factors vary from the number of years the legal recruitment agency has operated to the use of social media.

Legal Jobs in Denver and Near Locations

Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc.

Rank 80

Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc.

518 17th Street, Suite 1125, Denver, CO 80202
Phone : 303-595-3655
Fax : 303-595-3660
Website :

2017 Legal Recruiters List Rankings


Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc. (GAA) was founded in 1981 by entrepreneur Yahne Gibson, who sought to create a more effective process to meet the recruiting needs of the Houston legal community. She developed a business methodology that quickly earned a reputation for quality and professionalism; a reputation that rewarded the company with considerable success in Houston. In 1987, GAA partnered with a major client in the Los Angeles area, which lead to the opening of our Los Angeles office two years later. GAA continued its growth with an expansion into the Denver market in 1992 spearheaded by Melinda Delmonico. The office quickly emerged as a major recruiting force in the Denver area. In 1995, GAA focused on providing contract lawyers for document review projects. In 2003, GAA opened its first review facility in Colorado. Subsequently, to service the Houston, Texas market more efficiently, GAA started a second review facility in 2008. Having offices in three major U.S. cities put GAA in an excellent position to serve larger clients who sought a recruitment firm with a national reach. The increased scope also enabled GAA to recruit talent nationwide to fill local positions for clients and staff document reviews. In January, 2004, Yahne sold the firm to Ms. Delmonico and GAA’s CFO, Scott Delmonico. Elizabeth Dahill, then Executive Vice President, joined in ownership later that year. For over a quarter of a century, Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc. has successfully partnered with clients and built relationships with legal professionals across the nation. Yahne Gibson’s business methodology remains the foundation for our executive team, who are committed to continuing the success and growth of GAA without compromising our legacy of excellence.

Past Years Rankings

  • 2016 Rankings - 18
  • 2015 Rankings - 20
  • 2014 Rankings - 82

Law Firms in Denver

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP has ranked among the region's most prominent law firms, consistently offering quality legal services to emerging and established businesses of the Rocky Mountain West. While the firm's Denver headquarters and intermediate size allow a close personal relationship with local and regional clients, our technology and broad experience allow us to partner effectively with businesses and their investors throughout the world. DGS enjoys a strong national reputation for its ...

Holland & Hart helps clients with integrated legal solutions. We work with regional, national, and international clients of all sizes to tackle virtually any kind of legal issue. We help our clients ascend, whatever the "mountain" they face. Established in 1947, Holland & Hart today has approximately 500 lawyers providing a full range of services from 15 offices across the Mountain West and in Washington, D.C. Our value proposition is to provide our clients in the region and beyond with the brea...

At ABB, we provide legal counsel for entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, established corporations, and individuals. Our attorneys serve as effective advocates in transaction and litigation matters across diverse practice areas, including business planning, commercial litigation, estate planning, health care, insurance disputes, intellectual property, probate and probate litigation, products liability, real estate, and tax planning....

More Legal Recruiters in Denver

Rossi Staffing, LLC

Rossi Staffing, LLC was formed in 2002 by Connie Rossi. Connie has over 25 years of experience as a litigation paralegal and brings that unique experience to the forefront of this company. In addition, Connie has several years of staffing and staffing management experience. She has worked diligently...

Rank 115
eJD Search

eJD Search is a specialized, innovative legal recruiting and consulting company founded by Colorado attorney and experienced local legal recruiter, Elizabeth J. Dietrich . With her in-depth knowledge of the legal and search professions, she is uniquely qualified to advise and guide clients and can...

Rank 321
Quaero Group Inc

The Quaero Group is one of the premiere legal executive search firms in the United States, working for both law firms and corporate legal teams. With offices in Denver and Minneapolis and in the legal search business since the 1980s, we work with key clients in several U.S. markets. Our team is d...

Rank 322

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