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BigLaw Firms During the 2021 Great Resignation and Navigating Forward

The "Great Resignation" has been going on for a while, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic should have halted this, but many companies are still reporting an influx of resignations. In September 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 4.4 million who have quit their jobs amidst 10.4 million job openings.

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion: The Key To A Powerful Small Law Firm

The concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is not entirely new. It has been a hot topic in the workforce for decades. It became clear that this was an issue with many facets that must be addressed individually if we want all employees - regardless of ethnic backgrounds or gender identities- to feel valued at work.

Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles on LawCrossing in 2021

Summary: LawCrossing shares 2021’s 10 most-read articles for legal employers.

The Legal Industry During the Pandemic and Stealth Layoffs

When it comes to the legal industry during the pandemic, there are a lot of mixed reports. Many are saying that law firms are doing well and experiencing growth in some areas.

Aggression in the Legal Industry

There are a lot of movies that show violent people in the legal workplace. Colleagues are screaming at each other and intimidating new associates, as well as other staff. In particular, these would-be partners of a law firm in charge, shouting insults and hurling abuse at their employees. In fact, there were scenes of attorneys throwing objects at each other and really getting belligerent.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Mergers and Acquisitions?

Since COVID-19 was discovered, life has been affected around the globe. Every country has made changes that affect how businesses operate on a day-to-day basis and in the long term. For instance, many people have been furloughed, and a lot more have lost their jobs.

Biglaw Shares Many Similarities with the Government

The American economy tanked fast as soon as closures started rolling out because of the coronavirus pandemic. The country needed a stimulus bill and needed it quickly, and every politician in Washington knew it was in their best political interest to appear bipartisan on the issue. A global pandemic and the tumbling economy was not enough to stop them from padding the bill with ridiculous amounts of money for their pet projects, though.

LawCrossing's Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2019

Summary: LawCrossing shares the most-read articles for legal employers in 2019.

How Your Law Firm Can Start a Blog

These days there’s a blog about almost everything—from the daily headlines to pictures of pets in embarrassing costumes. That’s not surprising given blogs are easy to start, usually free, and a great way to tell the world what you’re thinking. But what many people don’t realize is that a blog can also be a vital tool for job hunting.

The Top 3 Reasons Data-Driven Law Firms Make More Money than Non-Data Driven Law Firms

Summary: If you want your law firm to be more efficient, consider becoming a data-driven law firm.

8 Most Common Ways Attorneys Rip Off Clients That Law Firm Managers Should Be Aware Of

Summary: There’s an inherent feeling among some that lawyers are habitually unfair and take advantage of their clients through high billing rates. Find out if this is true in your law firm by reading these 8 observations that outline unethical lawyer behavior.

3 Tips to Help You Find the Best Legal Talent This Hiring Season

Summary: Find out if your legal recruiting makes the grade with these 3 tips.

5 Reasons Lawyers Should Make House Calls

Summary: House calls are the latest trend in the attorney-client relations. Find out why in this article.

4 Examples of the Money Side of Law

Summary: As clients fear the impending expenses of legal representation, your job as a lawyer is to explain the benefits beyond the costs.

5 Ways to Expand Your Law Firm So it Is More Client Friendly

Summary: Is your law firm everything it can be for your clients? Find out in this article how your firm can offer your clients more.

7 Reasons Young Lawyers are Better than Older Lawyers

Summary: There are many strong reasons why law firm managers should have as many young lawyers as older lawyers.

The Art of Managing a Law Firm

Summary: Law firm managers need to have a strong business sense to properly run a law firm.

LawCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2018

Summary: LawCrossing for employers shares the most read articles of 2018.

The Saviors of Today's Law Firms May Be Millennials

Summary: Law firms from now and on into the future will have to learn how to deal with the upcoming crop of millennial lawyers.

How and Why Do Law Firms Die, And What Can You as a Lawyer Do About It

Summary: Scandal, client-lawyer die off, a change in practice area –these events in your law firm can greatly affect your practice.

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