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First Job Forays: Hiring Managers, Recruiters and Thought Leaders Give Their Advice to Recent Graduates

Summary: These six articles showcase the advice given by HR managers and others in business and law practices to recent college and law school graduates.

The Biggest Challenges facing HR Departments Today

Summary: These six articles highlight the highlight the emerging role of human resources within business today.

The Investment Side of Having a Career

Summary: These six articles highlight the importance and responsibility a company or law firm has to develop their workers into valuable business components.

The Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace

Summary: These six articles highlight how changes in the workplace, as well as workers, have affected what teamwork is.

AI in the Office

Summary: These six articles highlight how artificial intelligence is changing the recruiting and legal professions.

The Importance of Cyber Security for Law Firms

Summary: Are you placing enough importance on cyber security in your law firm? Find out what you should be doing and why it’s so important in this article.

Workplace Behavior: What’s Acceptable and what’s Not Acceptable?

Summary: These six articles highlight poor workplace behavior, and how you as a managing partner and/or hiring manager can do about it.

Employment Scams and Fake Job Postings Leave Job Seekers Wary

Summary: These six articles highlight how employment and email fraud affects the business and legal sectors.

Are Your Employees Happy at Their Jobs?

Summary: These six articles highlight what can make an employee unhappy at work, and how you can help mitigate that unhappiness.

Making Your Company Appeal to Job Seekers

Summary: These six articles highlight the effects technology has on recruiting and inside businesses as a whole.

How Technology Affects Recruiting and the Workplace

Summary: These six articles highlight the effects technology has on recruiting as well as inside the businesses and law firms.

Top Performers in the Workplace: What We Should Know about Them

Summary: These six articles highlight who the top workers are in a business and law firm setting, and the steps they’ve taken to achieve the interoffice status they enjoy.

The New Age of Worker Productivity

Summary: These six articles highlight the need for companies and law firms to have processes to increase the productivity of their employees to help ensure higher profits and more billable hours.

Recruitment, Retention and Labor Law: Critical Aspects of Today’s Workforce

Summary: These six articles highlight the need for an organization to be attractive to job seekers, through strong recruiting, retention, particularly of interns, and instituting fair labor practices by knowing the current labor laws.

The Changing World of HR

Summary: The workforce is constantly due to technology, diversity, and other factors, and HR must change with it. Learn more about how HR is changing in these articles.

Top 10 Unique Challenges Faced by Law Firm HR Departments

Summary: The Human Resources department in any law firm faces a number of challenges unique to their situation when compared to other non-legal companies.

Don’t Let Ransomware Take Your Law Firm Captive: How to Protect Your Firm Now

Summary: Law firms are the protectors of sensitive information, so extra preventative measures must be taken to protect that data from damaging ransomware.

3 Ways You Can Gain Much Greater Support and Trust from Your Employees

Summary: Law firm transparency promotes greater trust and support from clients, employees, and the general public.

5 Ways to Manage Your Law Firm’s Online Reputation

Summary: The Internet is a whole new world for some law firms, so make sure you are taking care of your firm’s future by keeping tabs on its online reputation.

How to Use Data Analytics to Benefit Your Law Firm

Summary: Data analytics can help a law firm understand their community better through cutting back on the time and money needed to gather information.

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