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Why it is Difficult for Law Firms to Hire Highly Qualified Attorneys and Legal Staff

Summary: There seems to be a drought of good, dedicated workers, particularly in the younger age groups, which makes it hard on H.R. individuals to hire competent employees.

What is a Virtual Law Firm? Virtual Law Firms Are the New Boutiques and Law Firm Reality

Summary: Could it be that modern telecommuting technology has finally come to today’s law firms?

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Law Firm Mergers

Summary: Mergers can cause much consternation between employees and employers; see how you can mitigate this in your own business as you face a merger or acquisition.

How Law Firms Can Be Fairer Places for Attorneys and Legal Staff

Summary: One of the trickiest tasks to establish and keep in place within today’s business climates is workplace fairness.

The Merger Effect

Summary: Your company is merging with another company. The problem is few within your company know what a merger is and how it can impact their employment.

The Rise of the Millennial Workforce

Summary: Despite what you may feel, think and understand, whether positive or negative, of the emerging Millennial workforce, that workforce is coming, if not already here.

Working from Home as an Attorney: Myths and Facts About Attorneys Working from Home

Summary: It helps to know exactly what homesourcing is, the type of employee who can seamlessly and successfully transition into homesourcing, and how home sourcing can affect your business overall.

How Being Paid Is Changing in the Workplace

Summary: Work-life balances, gym memberships and flexible work hours are all part of this new working world which recruiters and hiring managers should know about.

The Gig Economy for Lawyers and Legal Staff: How the Gig Economy Effects Lawyers and Legal Staff

Summary: The gig economy is rapidly growing within corporate America, but can gig economics successfully exist in large prestigious law firms?

Top 13 Ways to Massively Increase Your Law Firm's Profitability: A Guide for Stratospheric Law Firm Profits

Summary: Is your law firm bringing in as much profit as possible? Take these steps to improve your law firm’s profitability.

Humility and Other Characteristics to Have in the Recruiting Process

Summary: There is so much more to recruiting and being a recruiter than simply stocking a client’s job opening with a warm body that can type, answer a phone and use a stapler.

Hoarders, Multipliers and the Telecommuting Pros and Cons Game

Summary: Since the mainstream advent of the internet, telecommuting has become more prevalent in the lives of full-time and contract employees.

The Art of Recruiting Better Recruits

Summary: Recruiting has become increasingly competitive, particularly with so many clients and employers demanding the best of the best as far as candidates are concerned.

The Performance Appraisal Process

Summary: Many dread performance appraisals: employees are nervous that they may have a poor appraisal, and employers dislike the process almost as much as they dislike terminating an employee.

Creating a Positive Image of Your Brand

Summary: In this day and age of recruitment, recruiters and hiring managers understand the value of brands, as do in many cases applicants and highly regarded candidates.

The Pros and Cons of Having Employees Who Work Remotely

Summary: Technology and traffic have forced many employers to arrange their businesses so that employees can work off-site.

Law Firm Content Marketing Is Trending and Here Is Why

Summary: Whether you’re a marketer, an attorney trying to attract additional business for your law firm or even a private citizen looking to make a name for yourself, content is the fuel that propels your marketing desires, as well as gets you noticed.

Working Remotely: How It's Impacting the Legal Industry and Your Firm

Summary: With traffic ensnarling us between home and work, as well as an increasing number of responsibilities that require us to be home more often, working remotely can definitely have its benefits. Yet, at the same time, working remotely can have drawbacks.

How to Get the Most out of Your Recruiting Efforts

Summary: These articles focus on how recruiters can employ proven strategies to place strong candidates with lucrative businesses, even as the recruiter is faced with adversity.

When Recruiters Make Mistakes

Summary: These articles focus on recruiters and what can occur when they place the wrong candidate in an open position, as well as how they can adapt to the changing landscape of business and legal hiring.

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