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LawCrossing's Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2019

Summary: LawCrossing shares the most-read articles for legal employers in 2019.

LawCrossing’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2019
  1. The Importance of Having an Employee Handbook
An employee handbook is a booklet that describes your expectations from your law firm staff, as well as what your employees can expect from you. An employee handbook is important as it provides standardization of personnel and benefits policies, prevents misunderstandings, complaints and job dissatisfaction out of misinterpretation of personnel and benefit policies by employees. Find out what a good Employee Handbook must include.
  1. Butting In: Employers Penalize Smokers and Overweight Workers
A lot of businesses believe in the fact that a healthier employee means more productivity. This is why most companies are providing a multitude of wellness initiatives to lead healthier and fulfilling lives including weight maintenance plans, smoking cessation counseling products and exercise programs. Here is a list of penalties that employers impose on smokers and overweight smokers for the health benefits and the betterment of their employees.
  1. Top 10 Unique Challenges Faced by Law Firm HR Departments
The law firm human resources department probably faces the most crucial and demanding challenges when it comes to people management than any other HR department. Law firms do not comply with a lot of the other standards that other organizations do in regards to work hours, hierarchy, and more. This article speaks of the top 10 issues that law firm HR departments have to tackle.
  1. Law Firm Titles: Associate, Of Counsel, and Partner
Few people are aware of the real meaning and definition of the term “Of Counsel”. An Of Counsel attorney can be quite lucrative for the firm, it is important to find out how the Of Counsel concept has grown over the years to include all kinds of attorneys.
  1. Top 13 Ways to Massively Increase Your Law Firm's Profitability: A Guide for Stratospheric Law Firm Profits
The primary concern of every law firm is how to become and remain profitable. Is your law firm bringing in as much revenue as possible? Take these steps to improve your law firm’s profitability.
  1. Why Law Firms Are Permanently Changing Their Structures
The traditional law firm model is in a state of change. Some are entering mergers and becoming giant firms while others are eliminating practice areas and becoming more specialized. Many firms are struggling and trying to gain momentum. Read this article to find out the different ways in which law firms are changing and the various models they are adapting to stay relevant the legal industry.
  1. 4 Examples of the Money Side of Law
Good legal advice comes at a price, and this price is usually quiet high. Calculating your law firm rates may help you understand the real reasons all lawyers are expensive. Read more in this article.
  1. The Saviors of Today's Law Firms May Be Millennials
Millennials have rocked the workplace boat as they did all other strata of society. These “kids” have, however, come around considerably and are contributing meaningfully to law firms. Find out in this article what the Millennials are up to in the business of law and how it is advantageous to hire them.
  1. Why Lawyers with School Pedigree Should Not Always Matter within Your Law Firm
Too many law firms believe that prestigious law schools lead to prestigious lawyers—which is a blanket assumption. Today’s clients don’t necessarily care about the perceived importance of lawyers with degrees from top-tier schools. Read on find out how pedigree matters, but quite possibly not for the reasons it is generally perceived.
  1. The Top Attributes of Law Firms Leaders: Characteristics of the Most Effective and Loved Law Firm Leaders
All successful businesses require stable and reliable leadership. The same is true for law firms. Law firms need to have clear and well-established partners and leadership. They need direction on where new clients will come from, how to provide the best service to new clients, and steps to take to retaining existing business. Find out what defines a true leader and the qualities that make up a strong headship within a law firm in this article.

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