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Main Office:
4601 Presidents Dr #145, | Lanham | MD | 20706
Phone: 301-832-3020  | Fax: 301-832-3029 
Email: anitha.johnson@verizon.net 

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Odelugo and Johnson, LLC Reviews

"Good Pay and Benefits"

- Reviewed on October 24, 2017

Work on improving management. Treat your workers better.

Pros : The pay and benefits are good. There is an excellent camaraderie among staff. The work is enjoyable. I had a great experience here.
Cons : There are some problems with management. The work wasn't always enjoyable.
Current or former employee? : Former Employee

"Avoid completely"

- Reviewed on March 07, 2017

This firm should close, immediately, before more Marylanders are hurt. If they won't willingly, then the bar association needs to step in.

Pros : Honestly speaking, absolutely nothing. No apparent intelligence, work ethic, honesty, literacy, courage, or any positive traits from anyone my family and I were put into contact with. Anitha Johnson and Rabihah Owens were particulary grotesque, dishonest, and offensive.
Cons : My family hired this firm, working with Rabihah Owens and Anitha Johnson, for help with a medical malpractice case. 9 months went by, and those 2 women did absolutely nothing, no work on our behalf of any kind. They found plenty of ways to charge us, mostly for reading the documents we provided and for updating us telling us they have done nothing. Around $8,000 in total, up in flames. They each displayed the writing ability of a grade school child, straight up lied numerous times to us, and appear to be utterly incompetent lawyers. Avoid these reverse-racist, childish, horrendous lawyers like the plague
Approve of the CEO[?] : Yes
Recommend this employer to a friend? : Yes
Business outlook for the next 6 months? : up
Current or former employee? : Former Employee
Last Year at Employer : 2014
Job type : Freelance