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Odelugo and Johnson, LLC

Main Office: 4601 Presidents Dr #145 | Lanham | MD | 20706
Phone: 301-832-3020 | Fax: 301-832-3029


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Reviewed on August 06, 2019

I have none, even. If I did they wouldn't take it. Obviously disfunction works for the people that stay there.

Busy, fast paced, and you will learn a lot. Some of the clients were nice.

Dishonest, disorganized, lack of leadership and communication from the attorney. You will be thrown under the bus and ran over several times so be prepared. You will be on the receiving end of many angry phone calls because the attorney is unresponsive to clients, courts, and opposing counsel. After dealing with all the manufactured drama, you have to deal with inconsistent payroll processing every two weeks.

The managing partner is extremely unprofessional. Unfortunately she's unavoidable.

M-F 9-5 schedule and convenient location.

Former Employee


Full time

Reviewed on December 16, 2017

There is so much work to be done it can be overwhelming, but if you keep your head up you'll do fine here.

I've been with Odelugo and Johnson for over 2 years now. The staff is wonderful and will help however they are able to.

The workload is daunting at first, but it is manageable. Just ask for help when you need it, they will help.

Current Employee



Dedicated advocacy and a welcoming environment for our clients are paramount. At Odelugo & Johnson, LLC, in Hyattsville, Maryland, we recognize the need to be aggressive in court and compassionate in dealing with clients going through difficult times. You may not be at your best when you come to see us. Family law issues are rife with emotion. Personal injury matters have theiri-prac-firmoverviewcontactus share of emotional elements as well. Our attorneys, licensed in Maryland and Washington, D.C., will help you make good decisions and look out for your best interests and that of your family.

Practice Areas

Odelugo and Johnson, LLC practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

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