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Dickinson Wright PLLC.

Main Office: 500 Woodward Avenue, Suite 4000 | Detroit | MI | 48226-3425
Phone: 313-223-3500 | Fax: 313-223-3598

Dickinson Wright PLLC. - Reviews

See reviews for Dickinson Wright PLLC. from attorneys and other legal professionals below.

Too Many Different Personalities
Dec 18, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

I would like to see management step up to the plate and spread the work load out more appropriately. Perhaps they could work on taking fewer cases.

The starting pay was excellent and I found the front desk staff to be very friendly and helpful as well. I also enjoyed the cases that we worked on during my brief stay at this firm.

I thought that there was too many personality clashes in the office and I also found the hours to be very stressful (overburdened) at times as well.

This Firm Runs Very Well
Oct 26, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

This firm needs to consider paying their employees more. Otherwise they will leave to another place of business and make more money elsewhere.

Management at this firm is really great. They help train you when you start and are always there to answer any questions you may have. Their office door is always open and they always set aside time to speak with employees and value what we have to say.

The only problem with this firm is the pay. When starting out it is fine but they rarely give out any raises, even to employees who have worked here for years. It makes it tough to work harder when the pay is being stuck the same.

Pay And Training Are Both Great
Jul 01, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

If the leadership team changed the culture this firm would be a really great place to work. They should start holding people accountable for their actions and treat everyone equally.

Associates and support staff are paid very well here, and there is a fantastic training program in place for those who want to develop themselves. It's also nice to be able to work from home if I don't feel like coming into the office. Associates are given a lot of leeway in how they complete their work.

The culture here really needs work. It seems like the leadership team doesn't always treat associates or support staff very well, and this has caused a visible rift between leadership and everyone else. Accountability is also an issue.

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