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Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP.

Main Office: 901 New York Avenue, NW | Washington | DC | 20001
Phone: 202-408-4000 | Fax: 202-408-4400
I love the lawyers, atmosphere, leadership, and operations at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP. It's a must-see.
Our experience with Erica Campbell was exceptional - she was professional, responsive, and made a lasting impression on our staff.
Harrison Barnes

Founder of BCG Attorney Search and America's top legal recruiter

BCG Attorney Search works with over 25,000 law firms. Every month, ten of thousands of attorneys submitted their resume to Harrison and he works with less than 2% of them. Harrison knows quality and dose whatever it takes to get his candidates jobs: Since 2000, Harrison has personally made thousands of placements and is by far the most effective legal placement professional in history.











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Reviewed on June 19, 2021
Former Employee

There are still some partners here that really knows their stuff, you can learn from them.

The chances of working with those good partners and good project are not that great. You better network like you never did before. Odds are you will get shoved into working for many of Finnegan's miserable partners. The whole free market "do what interests you" assignment system is basically a lie. You don't get to "pick" what interests you, you basically beg which ever partner will give you whatever work they have, so the odds are that its something no one else who has a choice wanted to do. Honestly, there is nothing remarkable here. The hours are terrible and stress is real. Partners themselves are often stressed out, and they consciously or unconsciously take it out on you. Oh yea, in case you are thinking that that's how all big law firms are, Finnegan isn't big law, and they don't pay you like big law. So in the end, why suffer big law stress w/o big law pay.

Former Employee


Full time

Reviewed on February 03, 2021
Former Employee

Not much to share

Finnegan is still coasting on its reputation from the 1990s. They have dramatically raised the billing rates (e.g., charging over $500 per hour for first-year associates out of law school that truly have no idea what they are doing!) even as they continue to recruit from worse and worse schools. It's bad enough that Jeff Berkowitz charges nearly $1000 per hour for his time with his J.D. from Touro College of Law, ranked 194th in the country, or that Anand Sharma is the current managing partner for the entire firm despite not even obtaining honors at New York Law School, ranked 129th in the country. Would you pay over $500 an hour for a first-year associate who graduated from the 102nd ranked law school without any honors? How about a slightly more experienced associated who graduated from a now-defunct law school that used to be ranked 134th and without any honors? The bottom-line for clients is this: If you want to pay top-dollar for the best, you can go to Covington, A&P, or frankly any other top law firm and get higher-tier talent for how much you would pay Finnegan. However, if you are on a budget, you can get substantially similar (or even better) work at a more affordable rate from many high-quality boutiques. To be honest, it's an embarrassing look for your company if you're paying Finnegan, who is going to charge top-dollar, for their middling talent. In fact, Finnegan is so desperate to play-act like a top law firm that they deliberately overhire first-year associates. So, if you take a job at Finnegan, get ready to spend inordinate amounts of time sucking up to partners and fighting other associates just to get some very low-level work (like doc review or interrogatories) and bill. There's a reason Finnegan claims to require 2000 hours but has an average of 1700 hours billed per associate. (The median is even lower because there's a few very high billers at the firm.) Plus, Finnegan lies about paying market rate (They use a "band" system after your first two years in order to cheat almost everyone out of market salary.), and they lie about bonuses (almost every employee is given a below-market bonus, and they hide behind some allegedly "merit-based" black box that essentially means only the partners' few favorite people have any chance of receiving a market bonus). In other words, the bottom line for employees is: If you want to gain valuable experience and actual get market pay in exchange for working 50 or 60 hour weeks, you can also go to Covington, A&P, or frankly any other top law firm and get better experience and pay for the same hours that Finnegan will attempt to ring from you. However, if you prefer work-life balance, you can get substantially similar pay for significantly fewer hours and less stress at many litigation boutiques (like Reichmann Jorgensen) or prosecution boutiques. Also, working elsewhere will help you avoid the toxic environment that has built-up at Finnegan. Because Finnegan is desperate to stay profitable, they have severely understaffed and overworked their support staff, so you have a greater than 50% chance of being assigned a secretary who actually makes your life harder than easier. In addition, Finnegan refuses to invest in any good software; for example, Hewlett-Packard was shocked to find out that Finnegan doesn't pay for any software to track prosecution cases (which is just another reason to hire literally any other firm of good repute for preparation and prosecution). In another example, Finnegan stopped paying for Westlaw and only uses LexisNexis because they literally couldn't afford both, so I wouldn't hire them for a litigation that was important to me in any way. Finnegan's toxic environment also combines classic elements of toxic law life with rampant discrimination. As might be expected, there are a shocking number of partners that are famous for screaming at associates and getting away with it because they "bring in business" (Gerson Panitch, Jeff Berkowitz, and Bob Yoches all come to mind). There's also a ridiculous culture of passive-aggressiveness, where partners won't give you any feedback during your project but then give you a bad review months later when it's useless to your development as a lawyer (Tim May is most famous for this, but Bob Yoches has also done it to folks as has Anthony Tridico). As might also be expected, there's an extreme cliquishness where partners pick winners and losers based on favoritism. For example, Anthony Tridico always invites the same two law students for drinks (who are both decades younger than him, so it's particularly weird) when he visits the DC office. He even goes out of his way to make sure they don't invite anyone else. However, this cliquishness intersects with the rampant discrimination at Finnegan because Anthony has a lot of projects with female associates but never, ever invites them for drinks or food or any other kinds of mentoring when he is in DC. Of course, the most rampant example of discrimination comes from Erika Arner, who always boasts online about how she is a champion of women in IP but actually fired two female associates because they wouldn't work with her male protege, Michael Young. Michael is demonstrably mediocre at business development and actively bad at managing legal teams, so, although I could never prove it, I suspect some sort of inappropriate relationship is motivating Erika's ridiculous protection of his reputation and advancement at Finnegan. Regardless of the motivation, she actively engaged in discrimination when disposing of female associates because they didn't want to work with the very mediocre man that she decided to protect and promote at all costs. Similar problems persist with race. Of the four black associates I worked with during my time at Finnegan, three of them have left because the environment was so hostile. This all happened while Finnegan spent between 6 and 7 figures on creating a logo and a "Finnegan forward" brand, which is allegedly about diversity in the IP legal field. Not only could that money have gone toward actual diversity initiatives rather than majority white and majority male consulting and marketing firms, but Finnegan is using the brand to mask the real and tangible harm they do to women and to minorities every single day within the firm. And the problem is that the head of professional development, Timothy Henderson, not only tacitly permits the discrimination to persist but actively enables it. He encourages you to bring any problems to him, but then I saw anyone who brought a problem to him about treating unfairly suddenly be terminated by the practice group leader with Timothy drafting and negotiating the severance for that person. All in all, there are so many places you can go to that suffer from far fewer culture problems and still (1) get better experience and money or (2) get better work-life balance. Don't waste your time at Finnegan; I wish I hadn't.

Former Employee


Full time



Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP, commonly known as Finnegan, is the largest international intellectual property law firm in the United States. It is based in Washington, DC. Finnegan was founded on in 1965 by Marc Finnegan and Douglas Henderson in with a view to focusing only on intellectual property law. Finnegan has 375 intellectual property lawyers supported by about 600 professionals, including patent agents, legal assistants, and dedicated docketing, research, litigation support, and information technology specialists. With 45 years of experience, it has successfully been navigating the US IP law serving clients of all sizes and has the resources and expertise to formulate and execute global strategies. On behalf of its clients, it appears in courts throughout the US and before regulatory and administrative agencies in Washington, D.C. The firm’s professionals are multilingual and multicultural. Besides Washington, DC., Finnegan has offices in Atlanta, GA, Cambridge, MA, Palo Alto, CA, Reston, VA, Brussels, Belgium, Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Shanghai. The firm also has strong ties to the IP legal communities in Korea and India. The firm has a wide range of IP focused talent. It offers full IP legal service from electrical and computer technology, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, medical devices, and biotechnology to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and alternative energy. Its areas of practice cover all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law. Finnegan believes in its clients and protects them. Global leading corporations repose faith in its legal, technical, and scientific experience. Diversity is part of Finnegan’s culture. It is ranked as one of the top law firms for minority and overall diversity. The firm was recognized by the Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF) as a gold standard firm in 2011 and 2012 as it integrated women into its highest leadership echelons. Its commitment to diversity speaks a lot about its culture in general. As a place to work, Finnegan has ranked on various Top 20 lists in the Avery Index. Finnegan & Henderson was founded in Washington by Marcus Finnegan and Douglas Henderson in Washington, D.C., in 1965 to do quality legal work focused exclusively on intellectual property law. In1968, the name of the firm was changed to Finnegan, Henderson & Farabow. Art Garrett became partner, and his name is subsequently added to the masthead in 1973. Marc Finnegan died in 1979 and Don Dunner became a name partner of the firm. It became the first patent firm to have opened its office in Japan in 1998. The firm opened its office in Brussels to cater to the needs of its growing European base. The Taipei office was opened in 2003 and its Shanghai office in 2008. The firm changed its logo and shortened name, Finnegan, came into being in 2008.

Practice Areas

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP. practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

Hiring Criteria

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP. follows the set of hiring criteria outlined below.

Finnegan looks for candidates with an aptitude for intellectual property law. Candidates with clear focus on IP are preferred to those indecisive about IP.

Finnegan firmly believes that diversity and inclusion play an important role in shaping the collective strength of a law firm. Its success and growth stem directly from its recruiting efforts, which include the active recruitment of minority and women attorneys. As a law firm focused on intellectual property law, Finnegan's recruiting goals are different from those of a typical general practice firm. An ideal candidate of Finnegan should exhibit not only excellent lawyer skills, but also a strong background in engineering or the sciences.

Pro bono

At Finnegan, pro bono work is for the good of its clients, its lawyers and staff, and its community. The firm believes that giving back is also an opportunity to receive knowledge, expertise, experience, and the good feeling one gets from helping others. Pro bono for the firm is a way of life; it is a state of mind. Its involvement is as varied and diverse as its professionals. It does not restrict its programs to just a few that the firm's top executives deem worthy. It wants its professionals to speak out about what is important to them and where they feel they can put in their best. Over 40 percent of its lawyers are actively involved in pro bono programs. Such lawyers are credited with 80 hours a year toward their billable hours' goal. Those who do more pro bono work are rewarded with credit bonuses.

Some think that a firm focusing only intellectual property is restricted to the type of pro bono work it can take on. It is not true. Finnegan professionals are intellectually curious and talented individuals who enjoy facing new challenges.

The firm handles highly complex IP matters for some of the world's largest companies and organizations and brings the same level of focus, skill, and commitment to get rewarding results. Its lawyers sharpen their skills by litigating criminal and civil cases, negotiating agreements and settlements, and working hand-in-hand with community non-profit organizations to address their constituencies' legal issues. Finnegan helps artists, children, the elderly, veterans, the homeless, and other groups in need that might not be heard without its assistance.

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Notable cases

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP. Awards and Recognitions Write a review

IP Firm of the Year, 2008-2012 (Managing Intellectual Property North American IP Awards)

A-List Law Firm, 2010 (American Lawyer)

IP Group of the Year, 2009-2010 (Law360)

No.1 Tier National Ranking for Intellectual Property Law, 2010-2011 (U.S. News - Best Lawyers Best Law Firms)

No. 1Tier Foreign Firm for Patents-Japan, 2007-2012 (Managing Intellectual Property's World IP Surveys)

No. 1 Tier Law Firm for Patent Litigation and Prosecution, 2008-2012 (The Legal 500 U.S.)

No. 1 Tier Law Firm for Trademark Litigation and Prosecution, 2008-2012 (The Legal 500 U.S.)

Leading U.S. Law Firm for Patent Litigation, 2011-2012 (Intellectual Asset Management)

Leading U.S. Law Firm for Patent Prosecution, 2012 (Intellectual Asset Management)

No. 1 Band U.S. Law Firm for Intellectual Property, 2007-2012 (Chambers USA)

No. 1 Tier Law Firm for Trademark Work in the United States and in the DC-Metro Area, 2011-2012 (World Trademark Review, WTR 1000)

No. 1 Band International Firm-Taiwan, 2010 (Chambers Asia); 2011-2012 (Chambers Global)

Diversity Write a review

Finnegan is considered to be one of the nation's top law firms with respect to diversity. The friendly, collaborative atmosphere at Finnegan lends itself to welcoming many points of view. Differing views and abilities, which often result from diverse backgrounds, help make the firm a leader in its field.

Finnegan has a well-developed infrastructure and supportive benefits in place to increase recruitment, retention, and promotion of minority and women professionals. Finnegan's Diversity Committee is chaired by a partner who works closely with the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. The executive leadership of the Committee includes its Chair, the Managing Partners, the Executive Director, and Directors of Legal Recruiting, Marketing, and Human Resources.

Summer associate program

Finnegan Summer Associate Program is designed to expose law students to the intellectual property law and to give an accurate idea of an associate's work at the firm. The 10-week summer program focuses on professionalism, training, and development.

Last year, summer associates had the opportunity to engage in a diverse mix of work like attending trials, appellate and motion hearings, depositions, and client meetings, researching and writing on various patent, trademark, copyright, procedural, and evidentiary issues; prosecuting patent and trademark applications; writing speeches and articles; and presenting reviews of recent Federal Circuit decisions.

The firm's Summer Associates have outstanding technical backgrounds in engineering and in the biological sciences, and are typically in the top 25% of their law school class.

Those who desire to take advantage of the Summer Associate Program should be from the top law schools in the country and they should be in the top 25 percent of their law school class. They should have outstanding technical background in a core science, engineering, or computer science, or significant experience in trademark/copyright matters.

Finnegan conducted on-campus interviews in 2012 at the following places:

Southeastern Minority Job Fair, Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair, Patent Interview program In Chicago, University of Georgia Law School, Emory University, UC Hastings Law School, Berkeley Law School, Georgia State University Law School, Santa Clara Law School, George Mason University Law School, American University, Georgetown University, Harvard Law School, University of Florida, University of Maryland in DC,George Washington University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Boston College,Vanderbilt,University of Washington, Boston University, University of Texas, Austin, Stanford Law School,andDuke University

Working for the Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP.
There is no other place than Finnegan for lovers of IP law. You get substantive responsibility right from the start. In fact, there may be a little too much work for some-but high bonuses ease the pain of late nights. For starters working at Finnegan is really challenging. You will be working with some of the smartest IP lawyers in the country. Your experience will be with some of the biggest name brands in the world. Whether you are a green horn or a seasoned professional, you will grow intellectually, personally and professionally at Finnegan.


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