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Main Office:
900 16th Street NW, | Washington | DC | 20006
Phone: 202-626-5800  | Fax: 202-626-5801 

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Miller & Chevalier Chartered. Reviews

"This is probably not the best place to get your career started"

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

The best advice is to avoid this firm until it can be shown that there is a difference in management and perhaps also a difference in culture change that allows for work-life balance.

Pros : While this firm offers a lot to new associates in terms of benefits and salary, the hypercompetitive environment is enough to make many associates feel unwelcome. That is, you will need to show increases in your billable hours over consecutive quarters. Many clients will be turned off by this and take their feelings out on the associates who then must report to management.
Cons : There is a cut throat culture at this firm and it spills over into employees' private home lives. Many associates report being unhappy with their career trajectories at this firm.
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