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They'll work you hard but if you toe the line you'll be fine
May 26, 2019 - Former Employee Intern in Chicago,IL City,
Freelance 2018 Former Employee

Honestly, the improvements you could make are more based on the idea that this atmosphere is the nature of the game when working in big law. Latham does well for what it is.

Hard stimulating work but a strong leadership system that helps make sure you don't get overwhelmed.Very helpful when learning new things and handling new problems.

A competitive environment that requires you give your life over. Very work hard play hard, there is no room for a life outside of this job. Everyone I know who worked here earned their cheque.

I do not know anyone specifically to avoid. As far I am aware it is a good place to work and the only complaints I heard were about other associates. It seems like a good environment.

They don't let people get away with being incompetent but they also do emphasize team players. I know that there is a lot of camaraderie between people there.

Less than a year

A Warming Experience
Dec 16, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

Try to find a balance with work and your personal life. The work is satisfying, but it can drag you down a path where you feel like you're always working.

A lot can be said about this amazing staff here, but above all is how welcoming they are. The firm and staff go above expectations to make you feel as if you are part of the family. With gracious work spaces, organized workloads, and supportive help behind you, it is a great firm to work with.

The workload at times can become overwhelming. Work hours are long and hard so you're always keeping work on your mind. Finding a balance with life and work is difficult.

Good Work and Life Balance
Sep 25, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Work on improving how management runs things. Make the benefits better.

The environment is professional and innovative. The pay and the work life balance are also good. Some of the work is interesting.

Some of the work can feel tedious and stressful at times. There are also some problems with the way that management ran things.

A Great Business Law Firm
Jun 05, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

There needs to be some greater upward mobility. I think this would motivate associatesto continue working at this firm.

A Great Business Law Firm

Unfortunately it would take a good while to move up in this firm. Managementis amiable, but they're very firm and strict in their assessments. I have noticed that this leads toa somewhat high turnover rate among associates. But overall, there are no negatives that I feelare a deal-breaker. It's a good place to work at.

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