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Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP - Hiring Criteria

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Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP follows the set of hiring criteria outlined below.

Hiring Criteria

We look for highly motivated self-starters who seek an opportunity to handle significant responsibility and client contact early in their careers. LL.M. candidates are selected on the basis of academic performance, employment experience, language ability, licensing in foreign jurisdictions, and expertise in areas of law relevant to the firm's practice.

Pro bono

Curtis is committed to the belief that the practice of law presents unique opportunities to serve the local, national and international communities. Curtis is actively engaged in pro bono service at all levels of the firm, in all of our offices and across all of our practices.

Our pro bono program serves individuals in need in a variety of matters, including political asylum and domestic violence matters. We also serve a great number of public service organizations and not-for-profit entities engaged in a wide array of social services and other public service activities. These include schools, mentoring programs, arts organizations, human rights groups, and disability advocacy and support programs. In many instances, the firm serves as general or special counsel to these organizations in much the same way it does for other clients. Our pro bono activities also draw on the firm's strength in the international arena.

In addition to pro bono clients for which Curtis serves as general or special counsel, for many of our pro bono engagements we draw upon our long-standing affiliations with a number of volunteer-driven legal services organizations, including Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Human Rights First, Sanctuary for Families, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A and the Legal Aid Society, among others.

The pro bono program is an integral part of the practice of law at Curtis. Each pro bono engagement is supervised by a partner. Associates receive billable hour credits for time spent on pro bono representations.