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333 Bush Street, 30th Floor | San Francisco | CA | 94104-2806
Phone: 415-781-7900  | Fax: 415-781-2635 

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Sedgwick LLP Reviews

"Firm is crumbling. "

- Reviewed on March 27, 2017

Hire a non-attorney CEO to run the firm. Lawyers should be lawyering, not running the administrative decisions of a firm. And choose someone from the outside.

Pros : Some really great folks work here but you have to find them. Kansas City office started out great but the only the bitter have remained.
Cons : Two large offices defected in January due to the firm's profitability. All C-levels of note have voluntarily left the firm in the past 4-5 months. New CIO (Dianna Thimjon) hired and those managers that did not leave on their own have been slowly walked out and the IT support in other offices have been dismissed in the last couple of weeks. The Firm's management promised there would be no substantive changes in IT with the new CIO but everyone began to leave after a key Director decided to leave during new CIO's 2nd week. She has since cleaned house and very few of the original team remains. She rules by fear and if you don't have a backbone, you'll do just fine. If you do have a backbone, go upstairs to Littler -- it's where all of Sedgwick's Finance and IT talent have moved to.
Approve of the CEO[?] : Yes
Recommend this employer to a friend? : Yes
Business outlook for the next 6 months? : up
Current or former employee? : Former Employee
Last Year at Employer : 2017
Job type : Full time