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The 2016 Most Influential Recruiters Ranking List Q & A Section

What kind of legal recruitment firms are found on the list?
The 2016 Most Influential Legal Recruiters List features 250 legal employment agencies. These are the best legal recruitment agencies in terms of influence in America. Unlike the previously offered directory of legal recruiters or the database of legal recruiters provided by other sources, we provide a ranking of the most influential legal staffing agencies. Although we include legal staffing agencies that place attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants, we only rank the legal placing agencies that focus solely on the law in terms of the legal recruitment firm's website.
Which legal recruitment agencies are the most influential?

Influence extends beyond a legal staffing agency to the legal recruiters ability to reach candidates. The most influential legal recruiters are the legal placement services that candidates are most likely to encounter. Additionally, when an employer wants to hire an attorney, generally, an employer seeks out the best legal recruiters with the influence to reach the candidates. The influence ranking is determined by a number of factors, which are discussed in detail in a separate article.

How did LawCrossing create the legal employment agency ranking list?

After analyzing 250 legal recruitment agencies across the United States, LawCrossing put together the 2016 Most Influential Legal Recruiter List in America based on a series of criteria. We ranked each legal placement firm's level of influence by utilizing more than 20 weighted factors. After months of research, we finalized the factors. The factors vary from the number of years the legal recruitment agency has operated to the use of social media.

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Career Strategies Group

Rank 87

Career Strategies Group

27 Vails Lake Shore Dr #303, Brewster, NY 10509
Phone : 866-898-4228
Website :

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As specialists in job search and alternative careers, we help lawyers and executives find new positions, either in the law or in business, academics, or the non-profit sector. Our Career Services Group does career testing and assessment for those who are seeking to identify their career alternatives. We also provide job search assistance, which includes resume writing and distribution, marketing plans and job search coaching. Our job search clients range from young professionals to those aged 50+. Our Corporate Group does outplacement, recruiting, law firm practice development and business coaching. Our new affiliate, the CSI Institute, offers graduate- or post-graduate students, younger professionals and other do-it-yourself job seekers low cost, powerful tools and on-line instruction programs to help them focus and shorten their job searches. Many of these job search assistance programs, career change programs and 50+ job search services are now being previewed on our Self-Help page. Stay tuned for news about the CSI Institute, which will be opening shortly and is now in the final stages of developing its curriculum. Career Strategies’ job search and alternative career services are provided on an hourly fee basis. We offer a sliding fee scale based on age, income and complexity of case. When someone first contacts us, we will speak with them for about 10-15 minutes to get a sense of their career issues, to discuss their resumes and determine if they may be suitable clients for us. We are not right for everyone, nor is everyone right for us. If we feel the candidate may be suitable, and if that candidate is willing, we will schedule a 30-45 minute initial consultation. This consultation is an in-depth review of their current circumstances, career aspirations, marketing strategies and the like. We will ask tough questions about their job search methods, and offer some valuable insights in return. This, frankly, is a weeding out process for us, and a is our form of candidate due diligence. We have a nominal fee, currently $50, for that first substantive consultation. Even if we are not interested in taking someone on as a client, they will leave that meeting much more informed about job search, alternative careers and career development. If, though, we feel the candidate would be suitable for us, and has issues with which we can deal successfully, we will schedule a follow-up meeting. THERE IS NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER for the follow-up meeting. Prior to the next session, we will analyze the client’s situation and prepare a proposal regarding the services we would offer and the associated cost structure. We are very menu-driven, and have more than 220 different program services to consider. We will spend an hour or more discussing our ideas with the client, so that they can make a fully informed decision retaining us, whether for a job search, 50+ job search assistance, guidance about alternative legal careers, career development and planning, or resume writing services. Since we are now an approved PayPal/Bill Me Later service, qualified clients can start working with us with a minimal down payment and six month interest free payment schedule, or even longer plan at reasonable interest rates. Established in 1992, we have helped several thousand lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs and age 50+ clients through successful job searches and alternative career pursuits. Through our innovative methods, they have found rewarding new positions or improved their businesses. While many of our clients have pursued alternative legal careers or alternative executive careers, many others have used our help to move up in their current career tracks, to start new businesses or to enhance their current business operations by better marketing or time management.

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  • 2016 Rankings - 59

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