New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice

New Orleans


The New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (Workers’ Center) was founded shortly after Hurricane Katrina, in the context of a humanitarian crisis. Against the backdrop of a political economy that pitted communities of color against each other, a group of Black and immigrant workers came together from public housing developments, FEMA trailer parks, day labor corners, and labor camps across Louisiana to build a new freedom movement: multi-racial; committed to racial, gender, and immigrant justice; and dedicated to telling a new story about possibility in the Southern region as a whole. Ten years later, the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice is a hybrid, multi-disciplinary impact strategy center and “think and do tank,” as well as a membership organization. We are dedicated to expanding democracy, winning a just economy, and transforming the country by transforming the South. The Workers’ Center is now a critical architect of permanent progressive civil society infrastructure in the Southern region. At the end of our first decade, we are gearing up to advance a long-term Southern agenda for an inclusive economy.

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