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801 Park Avenue, | Minneapolis | MN | 55404-1189

Phone: 612-339-5863 | Fax: 612-339-1529

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The Mahoney Law Firm, PLLC Reviews

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- Reviewed on Sep 02, 2017

Advice to law firm management: This firm needs to expand their employment opportunities for others. They need to remain unbiased with their employment and go with the best candidates.

Pros: This law firm works primarily under personal law and dedicates their services to helping those in their local community. The Mahoney law firm is a family oriented business that employs several members of the Mahoney family. Several lawyers are present in the firm to best meet the needs of their clients.

Cons: This firm is quite difficult to get into. The main members of the firm are in the Mahoney family and only employ a small number of others. If someone would want to work for this law firm, they would most likely need to wait a while.

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