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MH Sub I, LLC..

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Alamo Corporate Center, 102 South Tejon Street, Suite 900 | Colorado Springs | CO | 80903

Phone: 719-635-8750 | Fax: 719-635-8706

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MH Sub I, LLC.. Reviews

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- Reviewed on Sep 02, 2017

Advice to law firm management: I think offering the associates better bonuses and incentives are something that can help to motivate the attorneys and make for a better work environment.

Pros: This is a small firm but the people here are smart and decent. We work on a variety of areas of the law. I've learned a lot here. The partners encourage the associates to make sure we provide our clients quality of work.

Cons: I do admit though that the work load can be a bit much here. And the fact that the pay and benefits aren't that great; it kind of becomes an issue.

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