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Main Office:
700 JPMorgan Chase Tower, 600 Travis Street | Houston | TX | 77002
Phone: 713-980-1700  | Fax: 713-980-1701 

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Baker Wotring LLP Reviews

"A firm where professionalism is at the apex of everything they do."

- Reviewed on July 01, 2017

If you have high standards for yourself and for those you work with every day, this may be an excellent opportunity for you to start your career. My advice to the firm is to make sure they hire people who meet their high standards. This will help reduce turnover.

Pros : In order to succeed at this firm, you will need to be a professional. That might mean something different to what you're used to. But it's for the best, because you are representing both yourself and the firm, as well as your client. So to work here, you will have to show very high standards of professionalism.
Cons : This firm has let go some associates who did not fit the mold of what the firm wants to convey to the public. If you cannot fit in here, you may have a difficult time, as some lawyers have indicated.
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