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2424 North Federal Highway, Suite 33431 | Boca Raton | FL | 33431

Phone: 561-394-3399 | Fax: 561-394-3382

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Saxena White Reviews

"Interesting Place to Work"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on Oct 19, 2019

Advice to law firm management: The office worked well. The technology was smooth, any hiccups were addressed. Actually my only suggestion here is to let people have two monitor work stations, I genuinely believe that additional monitor would have enhanced my productivity. Aside from that, the office is actually filled with conscientious employees who seem genuinely interested in the work at hand.

Pros: The best of the firm, in my opinion, is the subject matter of the litigation itself. They primary seem to handle shareholder derivative actions and essentially try to act as the representative of the lead plaintiff to enforce shareholder rights. Its actually very compelling.

Cons: I didn't move from NJ to FL to sit in windowless offices!

Partners to Avoid and Why: None. Actually I reported directly to a non-partner, Jill Miller, and as a 'boss' she was to be respected, not feared. I suppose people love bosses who toss peaches to them, but actually that isn't what makes her effective. She will actually give you feedback in ways that actually helps you improve. (Nobody 'likes' their boss, right?)

Favorite Things About this Firm: I really enjoyed investigating the matters and making difficult to find connections that could be important for the litigation. I worked on three matters for them from 12/18-10/19

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2019

Job type: Contract
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