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Chermol & Fishman, LLC

Main Office: 11450 Bustleton Avenue, | Philadelphia | PA | 19116
Phone: 215-464-7200 | Fax: 215-464-7224

Chermol & Fishman, LLC - Reviews

See reviews for Chermol & Fishman, LLC from attorneys and other legal professionals below.

Im so thankful
Oct 30, 2023 - Former Employee
Full time 2019 Former Employee

I appreciate Mandes sandy Marcelina and ashi for always reaching out and chermol and fishman is the best law firm I love you guys

SSD attorneys
Aug 23, 2023 - Former Employee
Full time 2019 Former Employee

Keep up the good work and congratulate your worker (Lawyers) for their hard work. Lauren and Ashshi. Give them their props. ☺

I am giving this review with great pleasure. Lauren and Ashshi worked hard on my Case with great professionalism. I would recommend this to anyone needing a strong firm to help with there needs. Patience is a virtue. And It was a good ending. Thanks agn to Chermol and Fisher for working with me. Right now I will give them the highest rating of 10 if it was possible.

I didn't get to see the worst.


Keeping in touch with Clients

Best law office for your needs
May 24, 2023 - Current Employee
Contract Current Employee

This team has been the joy in my case. Taken care of everything and made sure I didn't worry for anything . Mandy was amazing keeping me up to date .

Paul Nazarov
Apr 20, 2023 - Former Employee
Freelance 2022 Former Employee

Diana did a GREAT job on my case! My case was 100% resolved positively! Very professional! Stay with them, you cant go wrong!

They did it!!! And got it done!!
Nov 08, 2022 - Former Employee
Contract 2021 Former Employee

After being denied a few times, I appealed again and not knowing exactly how many months may have gone by, I received a phone call from David chermol & Fishman law firm, I believe it was a case manager, she introduced herself as Marcelina and she was incredible. Explain to me that they have received or chose my case and in 45 minutes she covered everything that was gonna happen down to every little detail. Whenever I had a question, I would call and Deja or Linda always helped me and answered my questions in the nicest professional way possible. David Chermol, Marcelina,Dajah and Linda all helped me and did what was supposed to be done. I would recommend them to family and friends. They helped me and they can help you too. Thank you Marcelina, David, Dajah and Linda. I am forever Very grateful to you all!!

An Exceptional Team
Jan 23, 2022 - Former Employee
Freelance 2018 Former Employee

Dajah Schoolfield, and other staff, advocates and intake professionals were exceptional in their ability to patiently and knowledgeably answer questions and provide information.

A combination of expertise and ability of all staff members to communicate clearly and immensely helpfully.

Fought for the Law & The Law won!
Jun 09, 2020 - Former Employee
Part time 2018 Former Employee

For the most part the firm does great. The only things that could be improved is a slightly more controlled behaviour from the higher partners when it’s crunch time.

Competency, knowledge, great people, great environment, room for growth. The partners care, the paralegals, assistants, et al. are all a great team.

People who can’t handle pressure & cause problems for others. The high pace can sometimes lead to high stress. Long hours. Employees who take information from clients & don’t pass it on before getting fired (see other rating for my workplace, many cases were affected & almost destroyed) or in general do not pass on relevant information in a timely manner causing cases to need to be sent to federal appeals. But that’s more the worst of “employees of the firm” & not the firm, beyond vetting.

None. The worst I can say is when the pressure is on everyone has a stressful day, but that is no reason to avoid someone or treat them as if they are worth avoiding or they are bad people.

Quite a lot actually. But my favourite is the fact we help people from all over the country. Even if all we do is speak to them, it is very engaging to here the country through different people.

Bipolar Management
Apr 27, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2018 Former Employee

Treat your employees better. Stop beating people up. Go to counseling and get on medication. Try open communication, stop playing games with people's lives. Karma is a bitch.

Management is very bright. It is a shame to see such brilliance and talent tainted by drama and mental instability. It's sad when the best day is the day you get fired.

Constant drama, hostile work environment, unhealthy atmosphere, terrible management skills, mentally unstable top management. Someone is always on the chopping block.

Avoid the top partner because he will turn on you in a flash and is completely untrustworthy and dishonest. He will tell you what you want to hear rather than the truth.

I honestly wish I could think of anything that would be considered a favorite thing other than the end of each and every work day.

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