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Lytle, Soule & Curlee, P.C
Main Office: 119 North Robinson Avenue, Suite 1200 | Oklahoma City | OK | 73102
Phone: 405-235-7471 | Fax: 405-232-3852

Lytle, Soule & Curlee, P.C - Reviews

Lytle, Soule & Curlee, P.C - Reviews

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A Stable And Demanding Law Firm
Jul 23, 2018 - Former Employee
Former Employee

The firm needs to learn to value its employees. Employees are what make and break the firm, not quarterly profit margins. Frankly, some of the demands made of the staff are unreasonable.

The firm was very stable and predictable in my time there. No surprises. You'll know upfront what's expected of you, what your rewards will be, and what will happen if you don't meet their expectations.

The firm has high expectations. This isn't a job where you can relax and feel comfortable with "good enough." Given the demands of the position, the salary and benefits aren't as nice as you'd expect.

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