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3315 West Broad Street, | Richmond | VA | 23230

Phone: 804-359-4446 | Fax: 804-359-5426

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Geoff McDonald & Associates Reviews

"Avoid this firm like the plague"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on Sep 29, 2020

Advice to law firm management: Not really anything that can be done. The firm management is the owner. He fires anyone who disagrees him. Biggest irony is one of the firm's mottos is always be growing. I guess I'd you mean grow your ego, disloyalty, and dishonesty, then they're right on track.

Pros: You will definitely get plenty of trial experience. So, if you're newly graduated and are desperate for trial work, might not be a bad call.

Cons: The firm is run by a lying, manipulative, backstabbing egomaniac. He will promise you things when you do good work, and then never honor his word. He will micromanage every aspect of your work, despite the fact that he is a poor trial attorney himself. His expertise is workers compensation law, but he will talk like he's a veteran trial lawyer. His practice is to overwork and underpay new attorneys and then kick them to the curb when they start to think for themselves about trial strategy.

Partners to Avoid and Why: There's only one partner.

Favorite Things About this Firm: Good colleagues.

Current or former employee?: Former Employee

Last Year at Employer: 2017

Job type: Full time
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