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Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP
Main Office: 600 Banner Place Tower, 12770 Coit Road | Dallas | TX | 75251
Phone: 972-628-3600 | Fax: 972-628-3616

Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP - Reviews

Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP - Reviews

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Caring About Quality
Sep 02, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

One strategy to deal with the overwhelming workload can be to trust certain cases.

This firm is a place that focuses on not only the quality of our work for our clients, but also on how we deal with them. We practice areas of the law that deal with family issues so it's important that we make our clientele feel cared for.

I don't really have much of a complaint about the firm other than the work load can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. However, the pay and salary somewhat make up for it.

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