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Axley Attorneys

Main Office: 2 East Mifflin Street, Suite 200 | Madison | WI | 53703
Phone: 800-368-5661 | Fax: 608-257-5444

Axley Attorneys - Reviews

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Stay Away
May 14, 2022 - Former Employee
Full time 2022 Former Employee

Develop a non abusive culture.

Don't believe what the careers page on their website says about caring for your career progression. This is an associate mill. Stay away or get out while you can.

Watch your back
Dec 14, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2015 Former Employee

Management needs training and the courage to stand up to this group of cowards. Partners should look carefully at firm culture and they should agree to a common set of values, not insecure ego based nonsense, to drive their decisions. Those that sit around and watch this behavior and do nothing are afraid of being attacked and unwilling to stand up for what is right because they are also cowards. This is all about personality, ego and politics.

A few good lawyers.

There are a core group of partners at this firm who lack courage, values and the ability to be accountable. My experience was sickening. These partners acted like high school students who decided to pile on another student because they didn't like him. To make matters worse, management did nothing about this ridiculous behavior because they, too, were cowards who did not have the slightest clue about how to run a law firm. Managing partner is an insecure baby who cannot handle being challenged, and will destroy someone's career if his ego is bruised. If you are looking for a long term career where you will be treated with respect, stay away from this place, as it dominated by lawyers who are not mature or balanced enough to treat people fairly..

I am not willing to provide names. There are many.

That I no longer work there.

Very Competitive
Jul 23, 2018 - Former Employee
Former Employee

Create a more relaxed atmosphere where people feel more at ease to speak up, or take accountability for themselves.

As an attorney young in my career, I could not have asked for better mentoring, as I had several top notch lawyers at my disposal.

They are looking for the best of the best, so it feels like every mistake is magnified and the end of your career.

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