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"Communication is Key with This Firm"   - Anonymous      Write an Anonymous Review

- Reviewed on September 02, 2017

Advice to law firm management: I would advise the firm to charge less if the client isn't using the services to its full potential. There are some clients that sit back and let the lawyers do their job and don't really want to be involved, and there are the clients who call every day wanting updates. I feel that the base fee is far, but there should be a ""convenience fee"" based on how much a client calls and checks in. Giving email updates as they progress would help keep communication down and maybe costs down as well since time is money.

Pros: One of the most important things to us is communication. We pride ourselves in being able to let our clients understand what is going on with their case and any legal jargon used that they might not understand. Along with communication, we are a very responsive team. If there is a need to talk to someone for any reason, there is always someone at the firm ready to answer the questions a client might have.

Cons: There have been a couple of complaints that the services given aren't matching the services' inflated cost. I understand that some clients feel that the firm charges too much. However, given the extra length we go with clients, I feel the price is justified. Many would disagree and say the price is too much.

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