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2 Star Rating


Woods Rogers, PLC

Main Office: 10 South Jefferson Street, Suite 1400 | Roanoke | VA | 24011
Phone: 540-983-7600 | Fax: 540-983-7711

Woods Rogers, PLC - Reviews

See reviews for Woods Rogers, PLC from attorneys and other legal professionals below.

Jun 09, 2022 - Former Employee
Freelance 2022 Former Employee

Hire better more ethical lawyers. Ben “Rottenborm” (love the last name!!) represented an evil vile person. He also looked like the clown in the eyes of the public



Ben “rottenborn”. Unethical, unprofessional, wasting time in court - flipping pages, unprepared,

Nine I can think of

Clown school
May 10, 2022 - Former Employee
Freelance 2022 Former Employee

Close indefinitely

They are persistently wrong

They can’t even do simple mathematics, objecting to everyone including their own questions. This firm is a joke! I’d go elsewhere

Any association involved with them

They are good for a laugh as long as they aren’t representing you

Terrible company
May 07, 2022 - Current Employee
Full time Current Employee

Replace the man named Ben rottenborn

There’s really no reason unless your brains made of moosh

They object too there own questions

Everybody including Sidney that works at the desk bless her heart

The subway cookies every Tuesday

Benjamin Rottenborn
May 03, 2022 - Former Employee
Contract 2022 Former Employee

Fire this knobhead

Abrasive, rude, and short

Awful arguments, badgering witnesses, and ungrounded objections

Benjamin Rottenborn is to be avoided at all costs

Rottenborn objected to his own question so that was funny

May 03, 2022 - Former Employee
Full time 2021 Former Employee

Fire Everyone that has defended amber heard, lawyers might truth bend but I don’t condone lying under oath, Amber is going to cost you so much due to the circus she has created




Go anywhere but here!
Apr 25, 2022 - Former Employee
Freelance 2018 Former Employee

Shut down your firm and move on to another profession!

Your whole company should be shut down and charged with crimes. Nothing but lies and unprofessionalism. I hope that more people do their research before hiring anyone on your team. Shut down your firm and move on to another profession!

Benjamin Rottenborn AND the whole firm. They're terrible lawyers. Go onto eBay and buy a law book and defend yourself.

They're going to go out of business after taking Amber Turds case

I was very unhappy working there.
Apr 24, 2022 - Former Employee
Intern 2019 Former Employee

This was a unprofessional work environment with complete lack of integrity.

Felling bullied and disrespected

I do not have anything positive to say

Lawyers burn in hell like kerosine.
Apr 13, 2022 - Former Employee
Freelance 2022 Former Employee

Fire Ben Rottenborn. Without severance pay.

This firm lacks even the most basic principalities of human morality.

Ben Rottenborn and Co

Ben Rottenborn. Autism is not a good look for your lawyer. Neither is onset dementia. If a man has to repeat himself more than once it’s because somewhere along the way he’s lost critical brain functions.

They spent more money on the bathroom tiles in the office then the janitors base pay. It’s nice to spot elitism in the law firms. Makes my kids feel safe at night knowing law firms such as this exist.

Great Stepping Stone
Sep 09, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

Try to make more positions so that way people that enjoy working there can continue their career and have a larger business overall.

It is a great firm to work at. I learned a lot in my time there and many made longtime friends as well. I feel like I wouldn't have changed anything about it.

There really is not a way to move up in the firm. It is not big enough for higher level positions and that is what made me end up leaving from it.

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