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Goldberg, Miller & Rubin, PC

Main Office: 121 South Broad Street, Suite 1500 | Philadelphia | PA | 19107
Phone: 215-735-3994 | Fax: 215-735-7133

Goldberg, Miller & Rubin, PC - Reviews

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Great pay but a very political workplace
Dec 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

People have a sort of uptight attitude here. This makes it a bit of a tense workplace. I don't always feel welcomed. Sometimes I'll help someone for help, and they look down on me. It'd be nice if we could somehow change the environment of the workplace to be a bit more inclusive of everyone regardless of their expertise or experience.

I get paid pretty well working here. I've contemplated going elsewhere, but I haven't found any other firms that pay as much as I get here. Also the benefits are outstanding and can't be beat. The work is pretty interesting and my office is truly beautiful.

Sometimes it feels that people associate in cliques. It's hard getting into certain groups in the workplace. There's a sort of political nature of the workplace and it can be pretty aggravating. People are kind of uptight and sort of snobbish. It's hard getting respect, especially if you're a newcomer.

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