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Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker LPA

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7 West Seventh Street, Suite 1400 | Cincinnati | OH | 45202
Phone: 513-721-3330  | Fax: 513-721-5001 

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Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker LPA Reviews

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- Reviewed on September 02, 2017

Advice to law firm management: I think we all work hard and deserve either more pay or better benefits. A really good raise every so often would let us know that our work is appreciated and that we aren't being overlooked in our tasks.

Pros: I really enjoy the people that I work with. All of them are knowledgeable of laws and can easily be assigned a task and know exactly how to complete it with little direction. Much of the staff has been here for years and you can tell with their level of expertise on being committed to working for clients and the lawyers.

Cons: Unfortunately, the pay and benefits are not on par with what others make doing the same tasks. In some firms, the employees make a lot more than what we make doing a lot less than we do. The benefits given to us seem like they are the least the firm can get for us. It's lacking.

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