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Levy Craig
Main Office: 1301 Oak Street, | Kansas City | MO | 64106
Phone: 816-474-8181 | Fax: 816-471-2186

Levy Craig - Reviews

Levy Craig - Reviews

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A Positive Law Firm
Sep 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

The firm should continue to have a system in which it feels that it could trust their employees with the work they do. However, the law firm needs to work on providing a higher wage to its employees and staff.

The law firm is full of many great attributes. The leadership of the law firm has a system of work that does not involve constantly observing the work of their employees.

The law firm falls short in terms of being able to pay a wage that is not low. The leadership of the firm does not do a great job of appreciating the hard working staff and employees.

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