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DeWitt LLP
Main Office: Two East Mifflin Street, | Madison | WI | 53703
Phone: 608-255-8891 | Fax: 608-252-9243

DeWitt LLP - Reviews

DeWitt LLP - Reviews

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Good Paying Firm
Aug 04, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Allow for us to work as a team more often and to cooperate on projects. The office could be updated, especially the lighting ;it's pretty dim and dark which makes it a little frustrating to work in those conditions.

The firm pays better than competitive wages which is great. They value the work we do and tell us we are doing a good job. A peaceful atmosphere to work in.

Cooperation is a real problem. Management is not great, they're always pushing us to perform but never give any advice on how to improve when we are already doing the best we can. There is no sense of a team, as everyone is separated from each other.

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