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Flahive, Ogden & Latson
Main Office: 504 Lavaca Street, Suite 1000, P.O. Box 13367 | Austin | TX | 78711
Phone: 512-477-4405 | Fax: 512-867-1700

Flahive, Ogden & Latson - Reviews

Flahive, Ogden & Latson - Reviews

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Unsatisfactory. Discriminatory. Abusive.
Aug 23, 2020 - Former Employee
Full time 2020 Former Employee

Move into the 21st century. Realize the world is very diverse now. Realize they literally work in the field of Justice, and try to live by the creed. Gain some integrity and honesty, pay attention to your clients and their needs. Stop making the staff participate in personal drama. Respect EVERYONE. Acknowledge they are not godly, so stop expecting others to bow down to the lawyers. Logically people usually believe lawyers are good and honest people. Firms like FOL are the types of firms that have left disgusting tastes in the mouth of the truly lawful.

If you are extremely lazy and just want a job that you can sit and watch movies and play video games all day, so to list a law firm on a resume, this is the place for you. It's very reflective of every person who works there.

Prejudice, discriminatory, extreme hostility and intimidation by management. The lowest pay on the market for ANY position in the firm. Oh wait, unless your family or friends - very strong nepotism.

Oh gosh, unfortunately I would have to say all 5 partners. They push their responsibilities off to everyone around them. They are not accountable for themselves, or their company. Avoid at all costs their firm dictator - the office manager. She has been verbally and physically abusive to many in the firm.

um. Nothing unfortunately. I would have said the support staff, but after extreme intimidation by the partners and their office manager, they to will do wrong things for the bosses, including further intimidation and harassment.

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