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Baty Otto Coronado, PC
Main Office: 4435 Main Street, Suite 1100 | Kansas City | MO | 64111
Phone: 816-531-7200 | Fax: 816-531-7201

Baty Otto Coronado, PC - Reviews

Baty Otto Coronado, PC - Reviews

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Gained Experience
Aug 30, 2018 - Former Employee
Full time 2015 Former Employee

There are so may incredible attorneys at Baty Holm Numrich & Otto and everyone was extremely helpful. Young peers seemed eager to learn and senior attorneys seemed genuinely supportive- an individual win means a team win here. I think it's a rare combination and hope management does everything in their power to maintain this.

The firm gave me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of cases. I gained valuable experience and felt the partners supported and encouraged my success. Management was present but allowed me to work without breathing down my neck.

Great location but lots of traffic due to proximity to Country Club Plaza. Driving through the Plaza can easily add another ten minutes to my commute.

None, I felt they all supported staff. I didn't get to know each partner on an individual level but didn't face any issues.

Baty Holm Numrich & Otto is like a family. The environment is competitive and friendly. I genuinely feel I built long term relationships.

The Numbers of Baty, Holm, Numrich& Otto P.C.
Aug 04, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Show your workers they are individuals, not numbers. Respect the qualities set up. Putting resources into your workforce's advancement can regularly mean genuine, quick misfortunes that are hard to legitimize to partners. Nonetheless, these misfortunes are regularly here and now. Confide in your employees, give them the access to the instruments and assets they have to succeed, cultivate a domain of responsibility (at all initiative levels) that supports transparent input, and you will see that the firm and employees will become more efficient.

The The workplace offers a decent work area with free parking. There are flexible hours which help in the event that you need an adaptable schedule. The wages are better than average. Another great perk about working here is that you get free credit repair administrations. Collaborators are easy to get along with and offer help.

The Management is non-existent and the firm keeps running at the impulse of one partner. There are no sketched out rules, official composed audits or organization handbook, which is by design. As a worker you are constrained and on the off chance that you can't stay aware of the requesting work stream then you will be cut.

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