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Bohn & Fletcher, LLP

Main Office: 333 W. Santa Clara Street, Suite 620 | San Jose | CA | 95112
Phone: 408-279-4222 | Fax: 408-295-2222

Bohn & Fletcher, LLP - Reviews

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Good people
Jan 16, 2019 - Current Employee
Part time Current Employee

Could we get a nicer coffee machine? Otherwise no really important advice for the firm. I know there is a lot of work to do!

It's a good working environment, calm, focused people. There are two very supportive partners that run the firm. There is a good workload though it's not too much. We hire extra people when we need for larger work loads.

The work is important and a little stressful because we all feel the need to deliver excellent results for clients. Sometimes the hours can be a little long when it is crunch time.

There is no need to avoid the partners at work or outside work. Both are good lawyers and care about their people.

It's a pleasure to look back at the many years we have worked together. I look forward to serving clients as best we are able!

A Confusing Firm
Jul 23, 2018 - Current Employee
Current Employee

If someone is really having issues with some type of work it might be because they haven

I never have to deal with work that I truly dislike for long, as we often move to a different type of work every day.

The work here is often confusing and hard to get a grasp on for newcomers and long timers alike.We constantly asked to do work that is not within our expertise.

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