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2 Star Rating


Burr & Forman LLP.

Main Office: 420 North 20th Street, Suite 3400 | Birmingham | AL | 35203
Phone: 205-251-3000 | Fax: 205-458-5100

Burr & Forman LLP. - Reviews

See reviews for Burr & Forman LLP. from attorneys and other legal professionals below.

Waste of your money
Jul 25, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2015 Former Employee

Please start doing some sort of work on the cases that you take on that will ensure that you won't ruin your clients' lives.

The people of this firm have no ethics whatsoever. They just focus on scamming their clients by putting absolutely no work into the cases they take on.

Kenneth Bryant and Brian as under their minimal supervision all cases get jeopardized.

The firm is extremely horrible with nothing in it to like.

The worst work experience
Jul 24, 2019 - Former Employee
Contract 2016 Former Employee

Stop scamming people and ruining their lives.

The fact that it gets fewer clients these days because lesser people are getting scammed.

Poor research work and they harbor unethical values.

William L Penny and Stephen H Price because these are the partners who engage in shady work the most.


Never hire Burr and Forman
Jul 22, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2018 Former Employee

Communicate with clients.

No pros whatsoever

The law firm is filled with people who would do and say anything to get your retainer but then they will ditch you. They will leave you in the dark and you will never get a status update on your case. They are the worst people to hire. The staff does not work at all and as a result of a lot of the cases, they take they lose. I want to make it very clear that you should never hire people from this firm. Communication, no one works at the firm.

Please avoid from dishonest man.

Bad Place For Newcomers
Jul 10, 2019 - Former Employee
Contract 2018 Former Employee

Please be honest with newcomers.

The best thing about this law firm is very polite with each other.

Dean Mead law firm is too much a bad place for a new person to start their career. They don't support and give you lots of work with a cheap salary.


No Trustworthy
Jul 09, 2019 - Former Employee
Contract 2018 Former Employee

They should take some initiative to follow the each case.

They will get case immediately and said they are well experienced.

They took the money and do not respond, no followup from attorneys.

Avoid the attorney Denise D. Dell-Powell.

They will communicate wit you nicely very first.

Crooked by Senior
Jul 05, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2016 Former Employee

Please help to the newcomer to start their career.

It's charming for new career starter to join the firm, but in reality, it's not. Actual best pas is senior staff enjoying their facilities/salaries a lot.

The worst of the Burr Forman law firm is they do not promote lower-ranked staff and never help to the newcomer to start their career with enthusiasm instead senior attorneys crook them and another staff involves in backstabbing for newcomers. I do not recommend for internees to join that firm at the start of their career.

If I say that "I do not have anything to share here" then you are fair intelligent to understand my that statement.

Not a Good Place For Work!
Jul 01, 2019 - Former Employee
Full time 2017 Former Employee

Please hire qualified staff and build the new room for growth,

If you are new and want to start your career with the lowest salary then it's a better place for work.

They have lots of bad things first I want to point out about their staff. The staff is not cooperative with assistance. I can say they have an unqualified team.

No any favorite things about this law firm in my working history.

No Equally Opportunity for all
Jul 01, 2019 - Former Employee
Contract 2015 Former Employee

HR should take care of the newcomers and directly communicate with them, listen to them and try to sort out the issues they face most of the time from the senior attorneys.

Look best place to internees and new in career.

Actually, its opposite to what looks, bit equally opportunity for all, if you have any reference and dear to any senior attorney than your job will be permanent and you will get some good chances to get a good salary.

I am not sure about it.

Nothing, it was really bad experience for me being employee at the firm.

Law Firm with Kind Employees
Dec 18, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

The law office needs to consider hiring more employees and staff to take on heavy work load. Also, the firm should look into increasing the wages for the hard working staff and employees.

The law office firm is encompassed by a group of people which are kind. The firm offers some incentives that are seem to be beneficial to the employees and staff.

The office does not do a great job in offering a salary which is low in terms of the work which is performed by employees and staff. The firm requires too much time to be invested into the work which needs to be completed.

Enjoyable environment
Oct 26, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Try and continue working to make strides in hiring those that can handle the workload and makes things even better for the business.

It is a great place to work for and great people to work for. Everyone there is very helpful and gets done everything that needs to be done.

I like the way it all works and how different the environment is, but at times it can get a little stressful and that can get to you.

The leadership team is focused on professional development.
Jul 01, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Do your homework and research this firm before deciding whether or not you want to interview. Come prepared and expect to dive induring the interview.

This firm places great value on talent. The firm is very selective when hiring, but those who make the cut can be assured that their professional development will be a top priority. The market beating pay doesn't hurt, either.

The interview process can be a bit rough and not everyone will find it appealing. This firm is looking for a certain type of attorney, and if you aren't it you'll know it quite soon.

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