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Financial Center, 505 North Twentieth Street , Suite 1800 | Birmingham | AL | 35203

Phone: 205-795-6588 | Fax: 205-328-7234

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Christian & Small LLP Reviews

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- Reviewed on Dec 18, 2017

Advice to law firm management: Management should try to get their previous manager back or replace the current employees. If management is not doing their job then employees will leave.

Pros: This work environment was good when I started. I loved my boss and he really seemed to care about his employees. Benefits were good and I got a lot of vacation time which was awesome. I also had a good relationship with the staff.

Cons: Unfortunately after our boss left and new management came in the place has been a mess. The firm is completely disorganized and management doesn't seem to care. The recent change has not been beneficial and it's become a chore coming into work.

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