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How to Help Your HR Department Add Value to Company Performance

Like every other company owned asset or process, the HR department would also play a role ascribed to it – and that means it would respond to expectations and try to deliver according to what it perceives its role to be. + read more

Role of Newsletters in Attracting and Retaining Clients for Law Firms

Client newsletters are an effective method of maintaining regular client contact. Their popularity with attorneys is growing, and they are proliferating because people everywhere demand specialized news, hence the tremendous amount of special-interest publications. Successful newsletters require equal attention to content, production, and distribution. + read more

How Affinity Marketing Works for Client-focused Law Firms

Affinity marketing is an approach to business development wherein an attorney or firm provides significant assistance to a single nonprofit organization. It helps attorneys focus their contribution efforts for maximum impact and can provide solid business development benefits. + read more

Law Firm Timetables: Setting Up an Appropriate Marketing Campaign.

The time required to perform marketing activities is usually greater than expected. Further, the completion of the marketing activity does not mean that marketing is successful, because results from the activity will take even longer to return. With few exceptions, most marketing activities take weeks to complete and may take months to produce results. + read more

Marketing Primer for Attorneys and Law Firms

Because marketing is by definition an effort that takes time, frustration grows and interest often wanes among attorneys. Typical first steps undertaken by attorneys are exactly those that take long and bring few immediate results. There are several marketing activities that require little time and can bring immediate results. If appropriate initial actions are taken, internal support for other longer-range activities grows. + read more

Law firms Need to Evaluate Ongoing Activities before Implementing New Marketing Programs

The most overlooked element in successful marketing programs is the evaluation of ongoing activities. This forms the basis for taking correct action and making future programs successful. But good evaluations are possible only when clear and quantifiable objectives have been set. There Is never one reason why a client hires an attorney, so all the factors affecting the decision must be considered. + read more

Developing an Internal Marketing Plan for Law Firm Success

External business development efforts depend heavily on the internal marketing program. Where an internal plan does not exist, the results of a marketing effort can at best be ineffective and at worse chaotic and embarrassing. Just as external programs frequently measure the audience to see if their needs are being met, so too does a good internal program. The internal component serves four purposes: to motivate, inform, coordinate, and educate. An internal program is a vital part of the external plan. + read more

Classifying Client Personalities to Better Accommodate Their Legal Needs

Many attorneys do not really understand what clients need. They may feel they understand their client's legal needs and are active in client trade and community groups. But personal relationship with each client may not progress as the attorney once had envisioned it might. For instance, attorneys can make a concerted effort to provide very detailed information with all their work so clients would understand the comprehensive nature of the services offered. For some clients this did not seem enough, while for others the detail was overwhelming. One client may actually become upset with a lengthy report, impatiently interrupting the attorney's explanation by demanding, "What's the bottom line?" Attorneys can have doubts that they will ever find a middle ground that satisfies all their clients. One solution is to learn the client's personality types and speak their individual "languages." + read more

Providing Good Legal Service To Your Clients

Attorney Jones did not understand why his practice was not developing more quickly. He had been in practice for seven years and had been an associate with a respected firm for three years prior to branching out on his own. His academic record was excellent; he graduated in the top third of his class at a well-known law school. Jones' professional record was also good. He, more often than not, provided the results his clients wanted. Some of Jones' clients had developed relationships with other attorneys and had discontinued their work with him. Jones felt that to some degree this would continue to happen and that this was not always within his ability to control. The number of potential clients referred to him had decreased over the past year. He was not sure what had caused this. + read more

Building Relationships With Your Legal Clients

Personal information about clients eases the relationship-building process that is part of a successful law practice. Knowing the client well and making sure the client is aware of that knowledge adds to attorney-client trust. + read more

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