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Contract Immigration Attorney Salaries In Austin, TX

Now you know the average salary for contract immigration attorneys in Austin, TX is $106K. Want to find out the average salaries of related jobs? Check them out below. Also browse the contract immigration attorney jobs near and in Austin, TX and law firms in the city below.


The average salary for Contract Immigration Attorney Jobs in Austin, TX is $106,000*.

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Contract Immigration Attorney Jobs and Salaries near by city of Austin, TX

Top Law Firms in Austin

Coldwell Bowes, L.L.P.

  1 review

919 Congress Avenue Suite 1200  Austin, TX 78701
Phone : 512-472-2040   Fax : 512-472-2030
Website :

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Vacek, Kiecke & Colmenero, L.L.P

  1 review

Barton Oaks Plaza, Building II 901 South MoPac Expressway, Suite 570 Austin, TX 78746
Phone : 512-472-2464   Fax : 512-472-5124
Website :

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Farris & Green

  1 review

6407 Sumac Drive P.O. Box 29198  Austin, TX 78731
Phone : 512-473-8591   Fax : 512-473-2271
Website :

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