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Main Office: 111 South Main Street, Suite 2400 | Salt Lake City | UT | 84111
Phone: 801-415-3000 | Fax: 801-415-3500

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May 19, 2024 - Current Employee Mr. in San Francisco City,
Current Employee

The firm needs to offer more positions for new attorneys.

Dentons is a new and innovative law firm and is determined in focusing on their clients and appealing to the consumer to the best of their ability.

Some difficulties can arise when working for Dentons.

10+ years

The source had glowing feedback for the Dentons.
May 19, 2024 - Former Employee Mr. in San Francisco City,
Full time 2022 Former Employee

5.Former Employee, more than 1 yearGreat CompanyLegal Secretary RecommendProsGreat company culture, many opportunities for promotionConsI can not mention one.

10+ years

Sulema Medreno Novak is an abusive SCAMMER!!
May 19, 2024 - Current Employee Mr. in San Francisco City,
Full time Current Employee

Cut dealings with Sulema Medreno Novak so when this company gets boycotted, their image won’t suffer as much as Sulema will!

Sulema Medreno Novak is the most fraudulent attorney that I have EVER known to exist! She tries to weaponize the law but does realize she is in way too deep to overcome the consequences of her rogue discrimination and disingenuous acts! My entire network will NEVER EVER stop pursuit of justice until she is held accountable! Regardless of who you THINK you’re and how you THINK you’re getting away with your scamming cruelty, trust me when I say, there’s a lot of people involved now and they’re committed to holding every last one of you accountable. So don’t beg once you see how this plays out and definitely don’t shed a tear because you played sadistic victim games long enough so now it’s time to show you that you messed with the wrong family! Now since you like laughing at customers, laugh at that because we absolutely will be laughing at how you bought people into your karma that will also be included in the lesson that you’re not entitled to be malicious then THINK you walk away unscathed! You dragged your colleagues to this point so let’s see who really wins the war! When you see your picture’s wallpapered throughout the neighborhoods, school communities and internet remember how funny you THOUGHT this was. People like you is precisely why we fight vehemently to protect our borders because you get access to our country and abuse the system. I live for the moment when you realize you took this way too far and now the consequences of your actions are IRREVERSIBLE!! We will live every waking moment to show those dearest to you who you REALLY are and that you played victim when you know EXACTLY what you did! By the time we’re finished seeking accountability, we will leave others asking was it really worth it to play all the sick mind games?! For all others that have been scammed by this unscrupulous inhumane evil scammer, reach out to the company leaders DIRECTLY and hold them accountable!! NOTHING will ever stop us until we have accountability! You won’t be able to look folk in the eyes once you’re exposed and they realize how much irreversible damage you have done to them!! Sulema Medrano 3903 N Kostner Ave Chicago, IL 60641 (312) 498-6034 Jonathan R Novak (909) 595-1429

The fact that we trust people to be a person of integrity but they have a sick sense of entitlement to discriminate and abuse us emotionally!!

Sulema Medreno Novak really played the most sadistic unethical games!

The idea that they will soon learn that Sulema Medreno Novak has caused them their reputation!

10+ years

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