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Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Main Office: 919 3rd Avenue | New York City | NY | 10022
Phone: 212-756-2000 | Fax: 212-593-5955

Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP - Reviews

See reviews for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP from attorneys and other legal professionals below.

The Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP clearly has a lot to offer, as evidenced by the source's positive comments.
Jun 13, 2023 - Former Employee
Full time 2022 Former Employee

5.Current Employee, more than 10 yearsGreat Place for a CareerPartner RecommendProsGreat lawyers and staff working for top notch clients in a firm that truly values all of its people.ConsOur clients can be very demanding and being their service provider can require long hours and little control over your schedule from time to time.

Just like College
Dec 18, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Keep an eye on the new people to see if they are fitting in and if they are not giving them some help.

Every day here feels like the best wholesome days back in college when you just sat down and had study groups with your friends.

Just like how some people didn't fit in back in college some people just won't be able to work here.

Everyone Was Very Helpful!
Oct 26, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

I would of liked to see this firm bring back some of the senior attorneys that originally left and kick to the curb some of the younger attorneys that had an attitude and did not get along with some of our senior members.

Everyone is treated very fairly and the front desk staff is very helpful. My secretary in particular was top notch and was always there for me when I needed her help. The benefits were outstanding as well.

Unfortunately too much change took place after management decided to go ahead and hire a bunch of new attorneys. It seems as though most of the senior level attorneys left, since the new attorneys and the senior attorneys with more experience disagreed on a lot of things (pertaining to how to do certain things within the legal field). Since then, it became more difficult to get help since our more experienced attorneys had left.

This is a good firm with a good reputation in the business community and should be on the top of your list
Jul 01, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

This is probably a good firm for most candidates. However, don't be surprised if you are asked to go above and beyond what you are used to, for the good of the firm. You will be under pressure to produce results and not everyone likes that.

The best part of this firm is the prestige it enjoys among its clients and among the public. People have a positive view of this firm and that will only help your own personal reputation as you look to grow and become a better lawyer at this firm.

You may encounter problems with work-life balance here, as with many other similarly positioned firms. The management will want a full work week out of you, so expect nothing less than 50-60 hours a week at a minimum. You will be under pressure to show profits and billable hours.

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