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Brown Rudnick LLP

Main Office: One Financial Center, | Boston | MA | 02111
Phone: 617-856-8200 | Fax: 617-856-8201

Brown Rudnick LLP - Reviews

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The Brown Rudnick LLP was reviewed in a highly exceptional and impressive manner.
May 08, 2023 - Former Employee
Full time 2021 Former Employee

5.Current EmployeeLove working at BRClient Services Coordinator in Boston, MARecommendProsFriendly staff and management. Good benefitsConsI cannot think of any cons

Apr 29, 2022 - Former Employee
Contract 2018 Former Employee

Do your job, you scandal mongers. Stop hiring “experts” who force 6 hour interrogations of people. Don’t take cases from bad actors who only want petty revenge instead of a fair and impartial trial.

They will drag a defendant through Hell to make a client who has previously been found guilty of 12 counts of Domestic Violence look like a golden god to creepy incels and the Men’s Rights Activists they cater to.

They refuse to pay any attention to the meat of a case, wanting to devolve law into petty drama decided in the court of public opinion. They cannot work a case, they only obstruct the truth and shift blame. They use disgusting legal tactics that should worry any potential clients.

All of them. Leadership is rotten from the top down.

They sure know how to work the media and drum up sexist trolls for a client that the worst men are seeing as a paradigm of misogyny and women, worldwide, see as someone who cannot be trusted nor take responsibility for himself.

Second-Rate Firm Masquerading as a Top-Tier Firm
Aug 02, 2021 - Current Employee
Full time Current Employee

Really need to do something about the declining firm culture

Associates here get more hands-on experience than associates at some of the mega big-law firms. Most cases are leanly-staffed which allows for these types of experiences.

Take away the above selling points which are really not that unique and Brown Rudnick has little to offer. Associates fluctuate between having too much work or not enough work. The firm struggled post-COVID and it has ravaged morale and the firm culture. BR prides itself as a "sink or swim" type place which doesn't help morale, especially when the reality is that BR lacks the resources to ensure attorneys grow with the firm. It may be a fine place to start for a few years but I would look elsewhere for a long-term landing spot.

Varies by department

Visiting the different offices pre-COVID

A Great Atmosphere
Dec 18, 2017 - Former Employee
Former Employee

The firm needs to strike a balance with the workload present here. At the time it was difficult to balance work and outside of work activities because of the demanding atmosphere that is present at this firm.

The experience to be had here is rewarding. I've had the pleasure of working with a great team here that pushes you to through and through in this field. All the while, the firm is accommodating with spacious work offices, competitive salaries, and great communication. I've met many attorneys here whose guidance has resonated throughout my career.

Work hours are long and draining. It is difficult to find a balance between work and life because of this. The work that passes in and out of this firm demanding.

Litigation and Business Law Firm
Oct 26, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

Think about giving raises more often, even though the starting salary is pretty good. Bring on some more support staff and pay them well to prevent shortages and turn over in that department.

Benefits and pay are very competitive at this law firm. If you like to travel there is plenty of opportunity here because of all their international clientele, especially in the UK. The technology here is the forefront of the profession as well, and they are very community oriented supporting many programs.

The hours are long and the work is strenuous. It's a very high pressure place to work and a very competitive environment. If you're a team work type person this is not the place for you.

A Massive Force in the Industry
Jul 01, 2017 - Current Employee
Current Employee

I think management would serve the firm well if it worked on retaining its employees. There's quite a bit of uncertainty and disorientation from all the people coming and going.

With hundreds of top class lawyers and humongous clients, the firm is one of the greatest places to really excel in the large scale law world.

The turnover can get a bit jarring. It seems like every other day there's a bunch of associates who have left and a bunch who have just joined.

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